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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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IT Governance Committee (ITGC)


The IT Governance Committee’s (ITGC) mission is to support university strategic goals and oversee the efficient use of all IT resources.  ITGC must work with executive leaders to set priorities and ensure that the value of IT projects is evaluated against their impact on the institution and their support of the institutional strategic plan.
The ITGC provides a forum for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and policies for campus information technology in order to support and advance campus priorities. The ITGC is expected to solicit and incorporate the views of relevant advisory committees into the materials prepared for EC. It will identify opportunities where information technology can assist the campus in achieving its goals and evaluate the readiness of the campus to leverage such technologies. This also will provide the necessary background material for informed deliberation with the EC.


  • Propose project recommendations on major projects to Executive Committee  for decision-making:
    • Annual IT Project Plan, developed in spring for next fiscal year
    • Mid-year project recommendations, developed in fall
  • Give advice to IT Leadership on IT services and allocation of resources
  • Decision-making for medium projects from Advisory Committees based on available resources

Meets:  Quarterly

Charter: ITGC Charter

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