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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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OIT - Project Management Services

Mission Statement

The Program Management Services office implements and supports project management methodology to enable our institution to deliver projects faster, cheaper, with higher quality, and within estimates and expectations.


Program Management Services, within the Office of Information Technology at UT Arlington, will provide professional project management service and deliverables to both internal OIT projects and to those University community projects to which it has been assigned. The office will provide management leadership, communication planning, quality assurance, risk mitigation, issue resolution, budget and project timeline/task tracking and project status reporting. In addition, Program Management Services holds as its goal to disseminate project and industry best practices to the wider University community and to act as both a guide and resource for that community. The office will insure that all projects undertaken are in alignment with UT Arlington´s strategic plan, priorities and stated objectives.

Further, Program Management Services will monitor, evaluate and track all sizeable projects assigned to the Office of Information Technology as part of its Portfolio Management practice. The office will provide portfolio performance measurement and reporting to the University´s Chief Information Officer.


  • To evaluate and assess Office of Information Technology and assigned University projects for alignment with University priorities, goals and strategic plans.
  • To evaluate cost and ROI of requested projects.
  • To develop, communicate and execute standard project management processes, templates, metrics and measures for the Office of Information Technology and the University community.
  • To monitor project progress, budget, status and success utilizing industry standard metrics and tools.
  • To encourage the adoption of industry best practices in all projects.
  • To assess and mitigate project risk.
  • To provide management, oversight, governance and quality assurance to projects assigned to Program Management Services.
  • To act as a resource for project teams throughout the project lifecycle to ensure adherence to project management standards.