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System Usage

OIT System Usage Policy

Usage Guidelines for Networks and OIT-Managed Systems UT Arlington's campus network (UTAnet), connections to external networks (Internet, THEnet, NSFnet, etc.) and the computer systems managed by the Office of Information Technology are intended to support the university's research and student instruction programs. Since these are finite, shared resources, certain host settings and user behavior are required to ensure that the resources are shared equitably.

Individuals responsible for equipment (e.g., departmental computer systems, workstation or X-window terminal clusters, individual personal computers, etc.) attached to UT Arlingtonnet are expected to adhere to the 'UTAnet Usage Guidelines' (UTANET RULES). Users are expected to adhere to the guidelines presented here as well as any additional guidelines issued by the department administering the equipment being used. UT Arlington facilities are NOT intended for chatting, recreational file transfer, etc.

Student access is NOT a right; it is a privilege. Students are provided 'NetID's for the sole purpose of completing computer-related projects assigned by their instructor. Students are allowed to use their assigned NetID for other activities in the hope of promoting computer literacy. This extra-curricular activity is NOT a right; it is a privilege. The following is a list of things considered misuse of the network and computer systems. This list is not exhaustive; for other abuses, the rules of common sense and fairness to all users will be applied.  Certain computing systems may have additional regulations that must be adhered to.

  • Attempting to access restricted data or breach any security measures in place on any computer system is prohibited. Do not attempt to determine the password or obtain use of the account of another user at any site.
  • Do not copy, send or forward the files (even mail files) of others without the permission of the author and the owner.
  • Junk mail, random mail, "Who are you" mailings and 'chain' letters are prohibited. Do not send random messages to people that you do not know. Do not broadcast unsolicited mass mailings. Forward copies of 'chain' letters to so that OIT can squelch them. 
  • Do not use abusive or profane language in any message or piece of network mail. >
  • Do not display rude or discourteous behavior toward other users. The same manners and courtesies that apply to every day life also apply to network usage. 
  • Use of UT Arlington facilities for commercial benefit of any kind (e.g., processing data or soliciting for a personal business) or sending network traffic (file, mail or message) of a commercial nature is prohibited. 
  • Proprietary software may not be sent over the networks unless specifically allowed for in the license for the software package. If allowed, the file server must have sufficient licensed copies under program control to ensure that the number of licenses is not exceeded. 
  • Do not flood any of the network servers with requests.
  • Do not send files to yourself in order to avoid disk quota limits on your account (these files may be deleted by OIT personnel when system file space becomes scarce).
  • Do not use disproportionate amounts of system temp or spool space 
  • Keep a sufficient reserve of disk quota so that the system can deliver new mail files. After attempting delivery for three days, the mail systems send a problem notification to the OIT postmaster and the sender of message. If the mail originated from a distribution list, the list owner will probably remove your subscription from the list.
  • Do not use a password that would be easy to guess (e.g., your name, your phone number, the course number associated with your account, etc.). Passwords made up of several short words are usually easy to remember and difficult to guess (e.g., IAMFINE [I am fine], SELLNOW [sell now], HOWISSHE [how is she], etc.). You can substitute 1 for I and 0 for O (e.g., H0W1SSHE). YOU are responsible for your account. If YOU give your account password to others or YOU are careless with your password and others use YOUR account to abuse any system or network, YOU are responsible for the consequences. Protect your password and change it often. 
  • Do not install software in OIT Student computing facilities.  See UT Arlington Handbook of Operating Procedures, Subchapter 5-200

Any rules and regulations established by the management of the external networks or file servers are incorporated herein by this reference.

Abuses of the above should be reported to the Office of Information Technology by sending mail to Anyone violating the above guidelines will lose the privilege of having an account on any system managed by OIT.

Extreme or repeated network or system abuse will result in suspension from the university. Under the state of Texas computer crimes law of 1985, it is a crime to make unauthorized use of protected computer systems or data files on computers, or to make intentionally harmful use of such computers or data files. The seriousness of such a crime ranges from Class B misdemeanor to third degree felony.