The focus of our research is to design organic material systems and fabrication techniques for linear and nonlinear optical (NLO) devices. The materials used are pyrylium salt derivatives, these structures are ionic which allow the fabrication of polymeric thin films using the Ionic Self Assembled Monolayer (ISAM) technique. Theory and experiments are used for modeling and quantifying the linear and second harmonic (SH) NLO tensor properties of the materials and of the thin-film structures made using them. This program has evolved due to ongoing collaboration between Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry faculty and students over the past three years.

What's New

  1. New Nd: YAG laser donated by the Arlington Police department.
  2. Polished 50 bilayers. Click here 5/16/02
  3. New AFM images of RuPoly samples 5/14/02
  4. New AFM images indicate better quality than before click here
  5. End-Fire Coupling 5/2/02

Current Projects