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Prepare for Orientation

Before Orientation

To ensure that you are prepared for New Maverick Orientation, complete each step of the pre-orientation to-do list below.

UTA Registration Agreement

UTA Registration Agreement is required prior to enrolling each semester. Log into MyMav, visit your Student Center, and click the UTA Registration Agreement link in your To-Do List.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

Submit your Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination prior to orientation.

Math placement testing

Students who need to take a math class above college algebra (usually science and engineering majors) should take the Math Placement Test prior to orientation.

TSI requirements

Completing the TSI requirement is required prior to meeting with your academic advisor.


Submit your transcripts (high school and college) to the Office of Admissions.

UTA email address

All orientation correspondence will be sent to your UTA email address. Check it regularly.

University Housing

Residence halls and on-campus apartments fill very quickly. Apply today!

You will receive a confirmation email three days before your orientation session through your UT Arlington email address. Please read this email carefully as it contains important check-in information.