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Freshman Orientation Leaders


2016 Maverick Orientation Leaders

While the Freshmen Orientation Leader is a paid position, money is not the most significant benefit of the position. Orientation Leaders will be engaged in many learning opportunities that will translate to almost any career field. This leadership position will provide a strong base for any future leadership opportunities and career aspirations. 

  • Gain significant leadership experience while enhancing your opportunities for campus involvement, employment marketability, and career opportunities
  • Develop professional relationships with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Gain skills in effective interpersonal communication, peer-to-peer leadership and conflict management
  • Learn to think on your feet and make quick, educated decisions in a fast-paced environment
  • Gain significant knowledge of UT Arlington history and traditions, academic resources and involvement opportunities
  • Learn valuable small group facilitation and discussion skills
  • Attendance at the NODA Region IV Regional Conference (subject to change)
  • Compensation: $8 an hour
    • On-campus housing, during orientation sessions, for summer 2018 (required)
    • Limited dining plan for summer 2018
    • All apparel and food associated with NMO function.