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Parking Regulation Changes for 2015-2016

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The University of Texas at Arlington Parking and Transportation Services publishes parking regulations as a resource for the campus parking community. 

At the May 2015 meeting, The University Parking Committee voted to approve the following changes to the 2015-2016 UT Arlington Parking Regulations to begin August 1, 2015:

Annual Student and Resident Permit Rate: The annual rate was set at $165.

Annual Faculty/Staff Permit Rate:  The annual rate was set at $200.

Annual Reserved Space Rate:  The annual rate was set at $600.

Hourly Meter Rate: The meter rate was set at $2.50 an hour.

Alumni Permit:  These permits were discontinued.

Retiree Permit:  Retiree permit holders will be required to renew their permits annually.

Reserved Space Permit Eligibility:  Reserved spaces permits will be issued when the requester's duties require constant travel to meetings on and off campus, or they can demonstrate a unique need for the space. 

Vehicles Displaying Disabled Veteran License Plates:  A vehicle displaying a disabled veteran license plate will be required to also possess a UT Arlington permit while parking an in ADA space.  Permits will be issued at no charge to owners of disabled veterans plates who are current students, faculty, or staff.  Transportation Code Section 681.008 (2) (a) allows vehicles displaying a valid disabled veteran license plate to park in any ADA space on the campus of an institution of higher learning without payment or time limit.  However, the law allows institutions of higher learning to require these vehicles to possess a parking permit, at no charge, while parked in an ADA space. 

Vehicle’s displaying a DV license plate which park in any non-ADA parking space will be required to purchase the appropriate parking permit before doing so. 

Five-Day Notice of Violation:  A printed notice will be sent by US Mail to the registered owner of a vehicle that has been issued a citation, and the citation has not been paid or appealed.   

Thirty-Five Day Notice of Violation:  The second notice of violation will be sent by US Mail to the registered owner of a vehicle that has been issued a citation, and the citation has not been paid.   

150-day Submission to Collections:  The citation will be sent to an outside collections agency and the registered owner will be liable if the citation has not been paid.   

Appeals Process:  The appeals process will consist of an administrative review, followed by, if requested, a hearing with a student appeal committee (students and visitors), or a faculty/staff appeal committee.

Forty-Eight Hour Towing:  Inoperable vehicles will be eligible to be towed when parked in the same location after receiving a tow-notice advising the vehicle would be towed after 48 hours.


Be sure to read the rest of the UT Arlington Parking Regulations


If you have questions, please send an email to or call 817-272-3907