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New Parking Pilot Programs Start August 18

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Starting this academic year, two new parking permits will be available for the UTA community as part of a pilot program to better meet the growing needs of the UTA community.  The pilot program will be continuously reviewed and improved to maximize the parking experience for all customers.

The goal of these new initiatives are to:

  1. Assist customers in finding parking faster
  2. Maximize parking by maintaining 95% occupancy during peak times, and
  3. Provide additional parking options based on customer budget
Upgrade Option

Responding to feedback from students, Parking & Transportation (PATS) will begin a pilot program to offer an upgrade option for commuting students for Lot 47 just south of Pickard Hall and east of the new SEIR building.  Find this new lot on the parking map.  The price for this permit will be $460/year.  This pilot program will allow PATS to determine the demand for this style of permit with the potential to introduce upgrade options in similar, high-demand locations across campus.  Lot 47 will be resurfaced at the conclusion of the SEIR construction and will have new gates and LPR fixed-camera technology.  This permit will be similar to other upgrade options including the Maverick Garage Preferred permit that allows a group of permit holders to share parking stalls within a particular zone.  PATS is expecting this option to sell out quickly, creating a waitlist.  Students can add themselves to the waitlist in their MavPark account.  Occupancy will be measured regularly to ensure 95% occupancy during peak times.

Reduced-Rate Permit

An additional new option for budget-conscious students is a reduced-rate permit.  This $160/year permit is valid only in Lot 50 South noted with yellow on the parking map.  After 7:00 p.m. and on weekends, this permit is allowed to park in general student and faculty/staff parking lots.  This reduced rate permit will alleviate a portion of the parking demand closer to campus in general commuting student lots by spreading parkers out in generally under-utilized lots while giving these permit holders an option to either walk or ride the Mav Mover to the heart of campus.  This pilot program will allow PATS to assess the demand for a reduced-rate permit and continue the goal of maintaining 95% occupancy in all parking lots during peak-parking times.  PATS is expecting this option to sell out quickly, creating a waitlist.  Students can add themselves to the waitlist in their MavPark account.


Faculty and staff have traditionally only had access to the general parking permit ($258/year) or upgrade options.  Starting in 2018-19, faculty and staff will have the option to obtain a reduced-rate permit for Lot 50 South only.  This $200/year permit will respond to Faculty/Staff feedback received over the past year to create a reduced-rate permit.  In addition, this permit will reduce demand in Faculty/Staff lots, allowing PATS to better manage the goal of 95% occupancy during peak parking times.