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Construction-Related Parking Information

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The University has already begun construction on the Trinity project, located at the corner of Greek Row and Nedderman Drive. Faculty/staff parking in Trinity has been impacted. Additional parking for faculty/staff is still available in the Trinity West parking lot. This parking lot is expected to be closed at the end of November.  Alternative parking options will be made available.

The University Center construction began on 9/26/19. Parts of F11 and F12  closed temporarily. First Street, between West and Oak will close permanently. 

Phase 1 started on September 26 and will continue through August 10, 2020.

Phase 2 will last from November 11 - January 20, 2020 (pending weather delays)

Phase 3 will last from February 24 - August 10, 2020 (pending weather delays)


  • Phase 1: Parts of F11 will close for construction. Alternative permitholder parking is available in the gated Lot 38 parking lot directly east of F11.
  • Phase 2: The entire F11 parking lot will close to permit holders and be incorporated into the job site. Alternative permitholder parking is available in the gated Lot 38 direct east of F11.  The UC loading dock deliveries will enter into the construction site from South West St. to unload the vehicle, then exit east to Oak Street.  ADA parking is available on West First Street on the north side of Arlington Hall.
  • Phase 3: The northern half of this parking lot will be remodeled and opened around the end of January 2020 for permit holders.  It will provide a beautiful entry point for the University Center and guests arriving to campus. Faculty/staff parking will be increased in phases.  


  • Phase 1: Parts of F12 will be used for the project's construction trailer and contractor parking due to it's proximity to the existing electrical boxes. Reserved permit holders were relocated in August to prepare for this.  The trailer is expected to arrive around 10/1/19.
  • Expect additional delays when exiting onto UTA Blvd from West Street. 
  • Phase 2: Expect additional traffic flowing from College Street to South West Street as 1st Street will no longer offer through traffic.
  • Phase 3: No additional parking impacts expected

LOT 38: 

  • Phase 1: In preparation for the removal of some faculty/staff, Lot 38 was converted from a resident parking lot to a faculty/staff parking lot. There will be available parking in this lot at all times.  However, please add additional time to get to your destination as pedestrian access will be rerouted.
  • Phase 2: No additional parking impacts expected.
  • Phase 3: No additional parking impacts expected.

LOT 36:

  • Phase 1: No parking impacts expected
  • Phase 2: Fourty Two student parking stalls will be temporarily reallocated to Faculty/Staff parking on the north side of Lot 36 starting November 18, 2019.
  • Phase 3: The faculty/staff parking counts will be re-evaluated and adjusted to ensure the appropriate number of stalls are allocated after the new F11 lot reopens.

College Street:

  • Phase 1: The MavMover shuttle bus stop will be relocated from the Starbucks location to the ERB breezeway on College Street.
  • Phase 2: West 1st Street will close at the UC Loading Dock for street remodel. As a result, College Street will be local-traffic only past the entrance to F12. The meters in front of the Starbucks will be temporarily removed. Parts of College Street will become two-way.  Motorcycle parking along College Street will be relocated to designated street meter stalls on W. First Street.
  • Phase 3: College Street and First Street will return to normal operation.

Oak Street:

  • Phase 1: No parking impacts expected
  • Phase 2: Parts of Oak Street will be blocked for construction at the intersection of First Street and Oak. This will make Oak Street become a one-lane road in parts.  Please follow on-street signage.
  • Phase 3: Oak Street returns to normal operation.

Pedestrian Access:

  • Pedestrian access from east to west will be rerouted to the UC Mall or the north side of the Maple Square/Garden Club demolition site during construction.  Please add more time to get to your final destination.


  • Due to F11 and F12 remaining at full occupancy daily, and Lot 38 being gated, department's visitor parking in these faculty/staff lots will not be permitted between 7AM-5PM weekdays until the construction projects are completed.
  • Street meters along 1st Street will be permanently removed. In preparation for this, additional visitor parking has been added to the Retail 39 and Park South Garage Lower Level parking areas.  Visitors can receive 2-hour free parking by validating their parking at participating College Park Shops.  Additionally, departments can cover the cost of their visitor's parking using the department portal.


  • Due to the road closures related to the U.C. construction site, and the subsequent congestion around the University Center's Starbucks, the Mav Mover shuttle stop at the University Center will be relocated to the ERB along College Street. View the new stop in the Doublemap app.

Phase 1:  September 2019 - August 2020UC construction site plan

Phase 2: 

Click here for a larger image.

construction-phase-2 map

 Click here for a larger image.LOT-36-reallocatev2.jpg