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Spring 2020 Permits & Parking Changes

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Spring 2020 parking permits for students and faculty/staff are available now. Purchase online at

Visitors and alumni can purchase daily, weekly, monthly, semester, or annual permits by registering as a visitor at and purchasing a permit.  Short-term visitor parking is always available in the Maverick Parking Garage, lower level of West Campus garage, or any street meter on campus.

Some permits will sell out.

Updates for Spring 2020:

This section includes the following topics:

  • Off-campus Student Waitlist permits
  • New Blaze Express Park & Ride Shuttle Route
  • Lot 34 Parking Reallocation
  • Resident East Reallocation in Park Central and Park South
  • Lot F11 Reopens
Due to construction projects and the resulting need to reallocate parking assignments, the number of Student Off-Campus Commuter permits are limited for Spring 2020.

WAITLISTED PERMITS: UTA has approximately 6,400 off-campus student commuter parking stalls. By analyzing enrollment data, Parking & Transportation can predict the number of cars that will be parked on campus during peak parking times (Monday-Thursday from 9 AM-1 PM). UTA has parking capacity available in reduced-rate and remote park and ride lots at all times. As a result, UTA will limit the number of off-campus student permits sold for Spring 2020. Once sold out, students purchasing a permit must select from either an upgrade, reduce-rate, or remote park and ride permit.

Two waitlists will be available once permits sell out:

  • Parking BEFORE 4 PM General Student Waitlist
  • Parking AFTER 4 PM General Student Waitlist

The Parking BEFORE 4 PM General Student Waitlist will be created for customers taking classes or needing parking accommodations before 4 PM and will be offered on an as-available basis based on parking lot demand. Customers on this waitlist must initially purchase an upgrade, reduce-rate, or remote park and ride permit, but can then exchange it for the student commuter permit if offered.

The Parking AFTER 4 PM General Student Waitlist will be created for customers taking classes or needing parking accommodations after 4 pm. Once the student’s Spring 2020 class schedule is verified by PATS staff, a student commuter permit will be offered to the student.


NEW BLAZE EXPRESS SHUTTLE ROUTE: To accommodate additional customers parking in the remote parking lots, Parking & Transportation is expanding the MavMover shuttle bus with a Blaze Express Park & Ride route that will take customers from Maverick Stadium and Studio Arts parking lots to the Fine Arts turnaround. Service will operate every 12-14 minutes. This new route complements the robust mobility system at UTA, which has carried 150,000 passengers during the Fall 2019 semester.

 Mavmover shuttle routes

LOT 34 PARKING REALLOCATION: Due to the Trinity construction site, approximately 170 faculty/staff parking stalls were removed from service. To accommodate these permit holders and meet the demand, parts of Lot 34 have been reallocated from off-campus student commuter to faculty/staff parking. 60 total stalls will remain available for the off-campus student permit on a first-come, first-parked basis. Most of Lot 34 will become available for student permit holders after 5 pm and on weekends.

Off-campus students can find alternative parking across the street in the new West Campus parking garage. Car counting technology is included in this garage that displays the available number of stalls on display boards located outside the garage. If the garage is full, additional parking is located along Greek Row Drive lots.

Lot 34 parking allocation changes

RESIDENT EAST PERMIT HOLDERS:  Resident East parking has always been available on the top decks of each garage, but excess supply did not require residents to park on the top deck as originally designed for in 2015.  Parts of the 4th floor of Park Central and Park South resident allocations have been reassigned to Faculty/Staff/Student permit holders.  This change is part of a parking strategy to maintain 95% resident occupancy in these lots.  

Parking & Transportation has consistently monitored the allocated residence hall parking capacity over the past semester and the allocation was too large.  This change is to right-size the number of stalls for the permit holders so that UTA can maximize the garage efficiency and maintain parking capacity for all permit holders.  

The garage allocation is as follows:

Park South: 

  • 1st Floor: Shops at College Park & Visitor Parking
  • 2nd-4th Floors: Faculty/Staff/Student permit holders
  • 5th Floor: Resident East permit holders

Park Central: 

  • 1st - 4th Floor: Faculty/Staff/Student permit holders
  • Parts of 2nd and 3rd Floors: The Lofts resident parking
  • 5th Floor: Resident East permit holders


Excellent weather and a good contractor have kept the UC entrance parking lot rebuild on schedule. This new concrete parking lot is expected to partially reopen with 160-180 new parking stalls by January 21 (pending weather delays).  This lot will include general faculty/staff permit holder parking, visitor parking, 2-Hour faculty/staff parking, ADA stalls, EV charging stations, and a few reserved stalls.



Please add more time to find parking during the first two-three weeks of this semester and purchase your parking permit early to avoid the waitlist.