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Honk Mobile to Replace Mobile Now

Sunday, March 1, 2020

 service ends march 14, 2020


UTA has partnered with HonkMobile to offer a new way to pay for parking at on-street meters and visitor parking garages starting the week of March 9, 2020.

With the Honk app, students, faculty/staff, and visitors can seamlessly search, pay for and extend short-term parking from a phone, tablet or computer. Coin-operated parking meters and pay stations will remain available in select locations. 

HonkMobile replaces the MobileNow! service, whose contract with UTA expires in March 2020. MobileNow! has operated at UTA since 2014.  MobileNow customers can contact the MobileNow support to request a refund of any unused balance in their digital wallet.

Honk Mobile brings additional features to the UTA community not available through MobileNow.  First, Honk is a leader in "Tap" technology, which allows NFC-enabled phones to tap special signs to begin their parking session faster.  Additionally, iPhone users can use their camera to scan a QR code to begin their parking session.  The tap-to-pay signs will be available in all visitor garages. 

In addition to the app, customers can start a parking session without the need to download an app by visiting and enter the Zone ID. 

Finally, the new provider will allow customers to pay to park without having to load $20 to a virtual wallet. This pay-as-you-go feature will address a common frustration of one-time visitors using the MobileNow wallet service who would not normally use the remainder of their balance. 

How it works:

1. Download the HonkMobile app. Find it at honkmobile.comGoogle Play or the App Store.  You can also visit
2. Set up your account. Add as many vehicles and payment sources as you like to your profile.
3. Use HonkMobile to pay for your parking in all UTA on-street and visitor garage locations.  Look for the Zone ID on posted signs.


How does UTA know I’ve paid for parking?
Each parking transaction is registered with your license plate. Parking Services enforcement officers have a real-time list of compliant plates. You do not need to display anything in your vehicle.

Can I use Honk to reserve a parking spot?
No. All parking is first-come-first-serve. While it is possible to purchase your parking through HonkMobile before you arrive at the parking lot, please keep in mind that HonkMobile does not reserve you a spot or guarantee that space will be available when you arrive. We recommend that you wait to purchase your parking until after you have located an appropriate space.

What methods of payments are available?
Most customers use a credit card, but Honk also accepts PayPal, VISA debit and Masterpass digital wallet. Cash and credit cards will still be accepted at parking meters and pay stations.

I need proof of payment for my parking. How do I get a receipt?
Once you’ve paid for parking, Honk will email you a receipt. You can also view all your transactions by visiting the Receipts page in your profile.

What happens if I get a ticket but I have paid through Honk?
However infrequently, mistakes happen. Please ensure that the license plate entered in the app matches the one on the citation. If you still believe that you have received a ticket in error, you may dispute your parking ticket.  Review the instructions on the bottom of your citation for additional details.

More FAQs on mobile payment and Honk, please visit their website.