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Spring Permits & Parking Updates

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Parking Permits for Spring 2021 and the 2020-2021 Academic Year are available starting December 1, 2020.


There have been some modifications to the permit structures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  A summary of those changes include:

 For Spring 2021 Only: The Faculty/Staff month-to-month permit has been discounted to the same proration as an annual permit ($22.75/month from $80).  This allows employees who have uncertain work schedules an opportunity for more flexible parking. Payroll Deduction is not available for this permit.

  • For Spring 2021 Only: The Student and Resident semester permits have been scheduled to end on 5/16/21. Students can request a prorated refund for the semester permit until 2/3/21.
  • All UTA customers have the option to purchase parking in durations that fit their needs. These options include:
    • Hourly meter or pay stations- $2.50-$3.75/hour (max time limits apply)
    • Daily permits- $9 in surface lots or $13 in garages
    • 30-Day Pay-as-you-Go permits
    • Semester permits
    • Annual permits
  • Due to the popularity of Student Upgrade Lots, LOT 34 has been converted into the third Off-Campus Student upgrade lot. The parking lot will still be shared by Faculty/Staff permit holders until the Trinity Hall building is completed in early 2021.  At that point, the lot will add additional upgrade permits.
  • The MobileNow pay-by-phone app has been replaced with HonkMobileand ParkMobile. To use either, look for new Zone Numbers in your desired on-street or visitor garage location and follow the on-site instructions.  
  • Due to social distancing restrictions, masks are required to board any UTA vehicle.  Additionally, the MavMover shuttle bus passenger occupancy has been reduced from thirty-two seats to nine seats.  As a result, the campus routes have been adjusted. 
    • Daytime- The modified Orange and Blue routes will operate from 7:30 AM to 6 PM Monday-Friday with one shared transit hub: The Business Building. Blue route will have 4 buses and the Orange route will have 3 buses in service throughout the day. This is expected to reduce the time between buses to about 5 minutes.
    • Evening Red Route service has not changed.
    • Evening Green Route shopping shuttles have been modified due to the popularity of the North shopping route (Aldi, Fielder Plaza, Lincoln Square, Walmart, Downtown Arlington), and the limited capacity of the buses. The South Green route will be temporarily discontinued. The North Green route will operate five days a week to spread out the demand.
    • View the bus routes on the DoubleMap
    • The Routes will be re-evaluated weekly to ensure Parking & Transportation is maximizing service and safety.  Any route changes will be announced in the DoubleMap app.  
  • Due to social distancing restrictions, the Late Night Security Escort Service will be slightly modified.  Only large, six or eight-passenger carts will be used.  Passengers will sit in the rear-facing seat to minimize proximity to the driver. Masks are required to board any UTA vehicle.  Additionally, passengers with similar trip routes will no longer be combined into the same trip.  This may increase wait times slightly.
  • The Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at Wetsel and College Park Central Garage were upgraded to the latest ChargePoint fast-charge stations. Customers must now have a ChargePoint account to use the machines. Usage fees are listed in the app.


  • For a list of current and upcoming Construction updates on campus (Construction Updates).
    • ADA South lot will be permanently relocated and expanded into a portion of F10 LOT starting in late Fall 2020 with an anticipated completion date of January 2021.  The exact number of new ADA stalls is still TBD.
    • LOT 47 Student Upgrade permit holders will have alternative parking starting in January 2021.  The new parking location will be marked in the north end of Lot 49.
    • LOT CPW will be reallocated to faculty/staff parking in January 2021. 
    • Resident East parking will be expanded into the Lipscomb East lot to account for the reallocation of CPW.
    • About 60 new faculty/staff stalls will be added to the newly renovated Trinity Hall parking lot.
  • Starting in March 2021, UTA will offer a Level 4 autonomous, on-demand rideshare service in collaboration with researchers in CAPPA and C-TEDD, Parking & Transportation, the City of Arlington, Via Rideshare, and May Mobility. The Department of Transportation-funded project -- Arlington RAPID--- will deliver a more flexible, efficient, and integrated transit system for riders by seamlessly integrating multiple mobility platforms into one app.  Students will be able to participate in research and ride on the autonomous vehicle at no cost. Access can be requested using the Via app. The service will operate from March 2021-February 2022.