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Students Ride Free on Via Self-Driving Shuttle

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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UTA Parking & Transportation is excited to partner with the City of Arlington, May Mobility, and Via to bring autonomous vehicles to campus and extend campus mobility options into Downtown Arlington.

From March 2020-March 2021, UTA students will be able to request a trip on the Via app, and if the trip begins and ends within the autonomous vehicle (AV) service zone and service hours and the student is using their Via account registered to their email address, the student can select to be picked up in an AV or traditional driver-driven Via vehicle.  The AV trip will be free to students for the duration of the one-year pilot program.

A photo of the service zone map


Feedback is critical to the success of this project. Accordingly, the research team will conduct a survey to collect inputs from RAPID ridership. Due to the importance of feedback for the project, the team will need participants who are willing to voluntarily participate in the survey. We are seeking UTA members that utilize the RAPID service. Participants in the study can also include individuals that are knowledgeable of the service, living on or off-campus.

Participate in the survey by clicking this LINK

This program is made possible through a Federal Transit Agency grant and a joint partnership between UTA Parking & Transportation, UTA researchers in C-TEDD and CAPPA, the City of Arlington, May Mobility, and Via. Read President Lim's comments here.   Learn more here

The MavMover shuttle buses and Late Night Security Escort services will continue to operate as normal.