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Concert Band Camp

June 9-13, 2019

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Electives Guide

Jazz Improv

Students will study the playing techniques of various jazz styles improvisation. Placement is based on instrumentation and grade level. For all grades—enrollment limited.

Elements of Jazz

Class for learning the basic jazz elements and jazz style. This is a non-playing, non-performing classroom introduction to jazz listening and appreciation. For all grades.


Instruction in the basic beat patterns and expressive gestures for conducting a band. Students will be placed in classes based on grade level. For all grades.

Music Theory for 7/8 graders

Class designed for learning and reinforcing the elements of rhythm, counting, scales and keys.

Music Theory and Advanced Music Theory

Intermediate and advanced classes for learning the fundamentals of music theory, including chords, scales, keys and intervals. Only high school students with previous theory experience should choose Advanced Theory.

Oboe Reed-making

For oboe players of all levels. Learn how to adjust reeds and make new ones. Some tools are required; we will contact you about this.


Learn about looping, notation software, music apps and more!

Electives *

Indicate your preference for your elective. See the Electives Guide at the right for elective descriptions and grade levels allowed for each course. All students will be placed in an elective based on preference, grade level, and application date.

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