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Summer Strings Camp

July 12-17, 2020

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Electives Guide

Music Theory (for all grades)

The study of key signatures, time signatures, rhythms, intervals and chords.

Advanced Theory (for all grades)

Advanced study of intervals, chord structure, and music composition. Admission will be by exam only. The exam is given immediately after the Camp Meeting on Registration/Check-in day. Results will be posted the morning of the first day of rehearsals and students not qualifying for Advanced Theory will be placed in their Second Preference Elective class.

Music Literature (for all grades)

Explore composer biographies, the stories behind music compositions and the evolution of music composition throughout history.

Beginning Vibrato (for players with 1-2 years of experience)

Learn basic vibrato technique. Classes available for all string instruments (limited enrollment). Once enrollment capacity reached, students will be placed in their Second Preference Elective class.

Conducting (players with a minimum of 2 years experience)

The study of basic beat patterns and techniques for conducting an orchestra. Students will be placed in classes based on grade level.

All State Masterclass (Grades 9-12 only)

Intensive instruction and assistance from UTA professors or other professional musicians on the Texas All-State Orchestra audition etudes. Students will be invited to attend an additional workshop in the fall for instruction on the audition orchestra excerpts. Note: students must provide their own purchased copy of the etudes.

Electives *

Indicate your preference for your elective. See the Electives Guide for elective descriptions and grade levels allowed for each course. All students will be placed in an elective based on preference, grade level, and application date.

Requested Roommates

Enter up to 2 requested roommates, if desired. Note that your requested roommates must also request YOU on their application. Residence hall rooms are configured for 3 students per room. If you list one roommate, there will still be an additional camper assigned to your room. We cannot guarantee that every roommate request will be honored.

You can purchase multiple t-shirts at $10 each