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Fall 2018 Commencement Faculty RSVP

Saturday, December 15
3 pm
College Park Center

Please indicate your participation in the College of Engineering Commencement below so that we can have an accurate count and be prepared to seat everyone.

As a reminder: Only Tenure/Tenure-Track faculty are required to attend. However, other faculty are always welcome!

If you are not planning to attend, you must fill out the Absence Request Form and turn it in to your Chair for approval.

The deadline for this is November 20.

Faculty: Regalia, nice shirt/pants/dress/skirt and shoes (no jeans/shorts/sneakers). Regalia must include a tam or mortarboard, robe and hood. We will not be able to provide regalia. You must rent it in advance if you don't own your own. If you arrive without regalia, you will not be able to participate.

Regalia is available for rent at the UTA Bookstore.

Faculty: Arrive by 2 p.m. There will be a sign-in sheet in each gym and the dock area. Please make sure you sign in to be counted as present.

You must enter the building through the WEST Entry only. Only graduates, participants and staff volunteers will be allowed to enter through this door.

Tickets are REQUIRED to enter the College Park Center. They will be emailed (FROM "BOX OFFICE@UTA.EDU) directly to each faculty member a week or so before the ceremony. Tickets are unique and may not be copied. Tickets may be printed out or shown on your smartphone.

STAGE PARTY (CHAIRS, ASSOC DEANS, SUPERVISING PROFESSORS who are hooding a PhD student): You will assemble in the DOCK. Staff will direct you to this location.

OTHER SUPPORTING FACULTY with no specific role: You will assemble in one of the gyms where the students are lining up:

• BE, CSE and EE in Gym A (1st Gym)
• CE, IMSE, MSE and MAE in Gym B (2nd Gym)

After you process into the arena, you will be seated in the first four rows of Sections 101 (those from Gym A) and 110 (those from Gym B). These are the sections closest to the stage, to the left and right of the students on the floor. This will provide more comfortable seating than the student seats on the arena floor.

• Be on time (or early, if possible).

• Wear comfortable shoes.

• You will not be returning to the gyms after the ceremony, so do not bring anything that you cannot carry with you into the arena.

• If you are a supervising professor, chair, etc. and you have an emergency and cannot attend, call or Tracey immediately at 817-999-2759 so she can find a replacement for the role you are playing.

THANK YOU for your time and support of our graduating students!

Absence Request Form