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UT Arlington Athletics - Donation Request

Thank you for your interest in UT Arlington Athletics. Please review the following criteria to see if your request meets these standards. Any requests that do not meet the criteria will be denied. If the organization meets the requirements, UT Arlington Athletics may donate tickets, select merchandise or memorabilia (pending availability). Organizations can only receive one donation per calendar year.

Donation Criteria:

1. The organization must be one of the following groups: Non-profit, charitable, educational or institutional.

2. Requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

3. Eligible organizations (see criteria #1) may only receive one donation per calendar year.

4. The University of Texas at Arlington may not provide donations that will directly or indirectly benefit prospect aged individuals. An individual is considered a prospect from the time he/she enrolls in 9th grade (7th grade for Men's Basketball) until the time he/she enrolls at a collegiate institution.

Submitting a request does not guarantee fulfillment. All donation requests will be reviewed within three weeks. The organization requesting the donation will be contacted by email, regardless of whether or not the request is approved.

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Please contact with any questions about your donation request.