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All officially declared Architecture History Minors may wait-list for Architecture History courses after peak advising for the current semester has ended.


• For Fall 2018: March 6th - April 27th

This wait-list form would need to be filled out in order to be cleared for Architecture History courses.

•• Please note, approved courses are subject to change by semester, may be offered sporadically and may require additional approval from offering department, which could possible delay graduation.••


CORE (6 hours required - "C" or better):
• ARCH 2303 History of Architecture I
• ARCH 2304 History of Architecture II

ADDITIONAL COURSES (12 hours required - "C" or better):
• ARCH 3312 History of Contemporary Theory
• ARCH 4305 The City of Rome
• ARCH 4307 The Life of Cities
• ARCH 4308 History of Urban Form
• ARCH 4315 Topics in the History of Architecture and Design*
-----------This course number may be repeated for credit as topics vary
• ARCH 4316 Modern Architecture I
• ARCH 4317 Modern Architecture II
• ARCH 4353 History of Landscape Architecture

Permission for any 3000/4000 level ARCH History course(s) will require the completion of ARCH 2303 and ARCH 2304 with grades of "C" or better.

Students with majors outside the School of Architecture pursuing this minor are not required to take ARCH prerequisites that do not apply to the minor. However, once permission has been granted for a course with the waiver of prerequisites, the student forfeits the right to pursue any undergraduate degree from the School of Architecture.

*** School of Architecture majors pursuing this minor must adhere to all prerequisites and program requirements. ***

• Non-majors will require a permission number to enroll into the architecture history courses. Permission numbers will emailed to the student's UTA email address when permission has been granted.