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In Reach Maverick Mentor Program

Mentor Application Form

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I would like to become a mentor in the In Reach Maverick Mentor Program.

I agree to...

  • a full commitment to ensure the success of the program
  • attend a mentor training session
  • offer personal and academic advice
  • assist with the adjustment and demands of college
  • provide information regarding student support services and resources to include how to be successful – the tools and opportunities to be successful - (Attachment B)
  • follow-up communication on a regular basis to ensure progress (via email, telephone, etc.)
  • attend meetings with mentee at least once per month (15-30 minute sessions)
  • encourage attendance at sponsored activities designed for the mentor program
  • respond in a timely manner to questionnaires/forms
  • communicate with the mentee (once per month by telephone, mail, or electronically)