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2018 Engineers Week - Mr./Ms. Engineer Application

Requirements of prospective Mr. and Ms. Engineer candidates:

➢ Candidates must be a “current” member of at least one engineering organization that is recognized as an “ACTIVE” organization by ESC.

➢ Candidates running for Mr. Engineer must be male and Ms. Engineer must be female.

➢ Candidates must NOT be in their final semester at UTA. (They must be available to attend events as Mr./Ms. Engineer during the semester in which they were elected as well as the following Fall semester)

➢ Candidates must be in good standing for their academic career and must not be on Academic Probation.

➢ Candidates must apply to run by filling out the form below no later than Friday, February 9, 2018 at 12:00pm noon central time.

➢ Each candidate is required to provide a candidate’s statement describing why the engineering student body should vote for them and giving their qualifications. These statements will be displayed in the atrium by ESC during the week of voting. Candidates may also use their own statements in their campaigning.

➢ Candidates will be encouraged to run a typical campaign to advertise their candidacy to the engineering student body. Displays allowed will be handbills, posters, and set up of booths in Nedderman Hall Atrium, Woolf Hall, Engineering Research Building and Engineering Lab Building.

➢ In order for a candidate to be eligible to win Mr. or Ms. Engineer they must actively participate in the campaign process in order to enhance the E-Week experience. A candidate who does not campaign will not be elected.

Responsibilities of Mr. and Ms. Engineer

➢ If elected Mr. and Ms. Engineer, the person selected will represent ESC and the College of Engineering during several events during E-Week, and throughout the 2018-2019 academic year. These events will be determined and decided by the sitting ESC president as early as possible in each spring semester. Examples of events are E-week events (February), Academic Excellence Ceremony (April), STEM Week (April), Welcome Bash (September).

➢ Crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Engineering will be on Friday, February 23 at the dance. Candidates are required to be present.

Voting process to elect Mr. and Ms. Engineer

➢ Voting for Mr. and Ms. Engineer will begin the week before E-week. Engineering students will be allowed to vote once, by showing their student IDs, between the hours of 9:00am and 4:30pm on Mondays – Thursdays; and 9:00am and noon, Fridays at the Engineering Student Services Center (242 Nedderman Hall). A ballot box will be located in the reception area by the front entrance.

➢ All votes will be tabulated by volunteers, who will preside over the entire voting process. The E-Week Chair will be present to observe the counting process. The results will be hand delivered to the Dean of Engineering so that the winners can be verified. The winner names will then be turned over to the President of ESC.

➢ Any discovered attempts to wrongly influence the voting process, such as ballot box stuffing, will eliminate the said participant from winning the competition. Any votes for the person in question will be thrown out and not counted in the tabulation process. No participant will be allowed to try to influence voters at the voting table. The term influencing will include advertisements within 20 feet of the ESS or approaching students for votes in the ESS or second floor hallway at any time during the voting process.

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