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The University of Texas at Arlington

College of Science


Alumni 1979-1999

Degree Name Thesis Advisor Date
Masters Sharma, Shruti Non-Thesis West Dec-'99
Doctoral Schailey, Ronald An Ab Initio Cluster Study of the Chemisorption of Atomic Cesium and Hydrogen on the Reconstructed Surfaces of Gallium Rich Gallium Arsenide (100) Ray Aug-'99
Masters Iyer, Sandhya Positron Defect Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-Defect Complexes in Copper Koymen Aug-'99
Masters Jiang, Neng Design and Modeling of a Positron Annihilation Induced Auger Electron Spectrometer with Time-Of-Flight Energy Analyzer Weiss May-'99
Doctoral Mittal, Rajesh Finite Temperature Simulations of the Proton Transport Mechanism in a Hydrogen-Bonded Chain. Howard Aug-'98
Doctoral Lee, Yeon-Suk Study of the Surface Magnetic Microstructure of Permalloy Thin Films and 3% Si-Fe Sheets using Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis Koymen Aug-'98
Masters Spurlock, Barry Intercalibration of Photomultiplier Tube Test Benches through Precision Testing of their Internal Photdiodes De Aug-'98
Doctoral Kim, Jae Hong Study of the Groth of Adsorbed Gas Layers and Ultra-Thin Films Deposited on Si, Ge and GaAs Surfaces. Weiss Dec-'97
Masters Venkataraman, Ranjani Study of the Energy Distribution of Secondary Electrons and Redistributed Primary Particles From A Ge(100) Surface Utilizing Incident Beams of Electrons and Positrons Weiss Dec-'97
Masters Morse, Michael Proton Motion in Asymmetric Potential Wells Howard Aug-97
Masters DeLaRosa, Diana Integrating Computer Technology into University Optics Black May-97
Masters Labarge, Aaron Formation of Polaronic States in a Finite Two-Dimensional Lattice Weiss Dec-'96
Masters Sharma, Ritu Modeling of Ionic Defects and Proton Transport in a Hydrogen Bonded Chain Howard Aug-'96
Masters Shin, Sue-Mee Monte Carlo Study of Fractal Structure in Jets Stephens Aug-'96
Doctoral Zhou, Haiqing Auger Line Shape Measurementsdusing High Resolution Positron Annihilation Induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy. Weiss May-'96
Doctoral Sosebee, Mark A Search for Supersymmetric Particles with the D-zero Detector White May-'96
Masters Kaiser, Richard The construction and testing of a laser test stand for scintillator research and development De May-'96
Doctoral Altekar, Sita Parallel Programming in Electron Transport: A CRAY YMP Study Ray Dec-'95
Masters Nagarathnam, Sundari Optical Power Changes with Equatorial Stretching of Deformable Lenses Black Dec-'95
Masters Kuttler, Kerry Positron Surface States on a Copper (100) Surface with Cesium Adsorbate Fry Dec-'95
Masters Wheeler, Stephen Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Positron Annihilation Induced Auger Electron Intensities from Ge(100) and Ge(111) Surfaces Weiss Dec-'95
Masters Mittal, Rajesh Modeling of Orientational Defects and Proton Transport in a Hydrogen Bonded Chain Howard Aug-'95
Masters Wang, Young-Ren Non-Thesis Aug-'95
Masters Issar, Anita Study of defects in TiN/SiO2 films and interfaces using Positron BeaM Spectroscopy Sharma Feb-'95
Doctoral Chaplin, Rick The Scattering of Positrons by Helium Diana Dec-'94
Masters Xia, Yu The Characterization of Photomultiplier Tubes Using a New Automated Test Facility De Aug-'94
Masters Sohn, Alexander Satellite Structure in the EPR Spectrum of the One-Dimensional Ising Ferromagnet FeTAC Rubins Aug-'94
Masters Schmanke, Kyle Monte Carlo Modeling of Diagnostic X-Ray Scatter Murry May-'94
Masters Kim, Jae Hong Study of the Growth of Adsorbed Gas Layers and Ultra-thin Films of Metals and Semiconductors Deposited on Si, Ge, and GaAs Surface Using Positron Annihilation Induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy (PAES) Weiss May-'94
Doctoral Hyer, Reginald A Study of Defects in Diamond Films Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition Sharma Dec-'93
Doctoral Datta, Radhika Coupled Electron Photon Transport-A Multidimensional Discrete Ordinates Study Ray Aug-'93
Masters Janik, George Six MeV Electron Transmission Through A Lead Intraocular Shield Sharma Aug-'93
Masters Niedzwiecki, Thomas Non-Thesis Aug-'93
Masters Wallis, Kendra A Positron Annihilation Study of the Electronic Structure and Fermi Surface of Yttrium West May-'93
Masters Cudmore, Donald Production, Analysis, and Characterization of Amorphous Magnetic Materials Using X-Ray Diffraction, Auger Electron Spectroscopy and the Magneto-optic Kerr Effect. Koymen Jan-'93
Masters Kellogg, Tad One Dimensional Electron Transport: Application to Electron Backscattering Ray Jan-'93
Doctoral Tello, Lucio Ultrasonic Tgransducers Characterization by Means of Double-Exposure Holographic Interferometry Black Dec-'92
Doctoral Lee, Keun-Ho Study of Submonolayer Films of Au/Cu(100) and pd/Cu(100) Using positron Annihilation Induced Auger Electron Spectroscopy Weiss Dec-'92
Masters Powell, Karlton Spatial Phase Multiplexing of Holograms in Photorefractive Crystals Black Dec-'92
Masters Chopra, Anil Neutron Activation Analysis and Positron Annihilation Measurements of Bone Samples Sharma Aug-'92
Masters Tyan, Lee-Wen Can positron-annihilation-induced auger electron spectroscopy (PAES) be used to clarify the choice of starting point in position surface state models? Weiss Aug-92
Doctoral Haghighi, Hossein A Positron Study of Electronic Structure of Yittrium Barium Copper Oxide West Dec-'91
Doctoral Green, Martin Desposition of Diamond films and Comparative Characterization by RAMAN, XPS and PAS. Sharma Aug-'91
Masters Tripathi, Jaya A Class of Potentials for Quark Confinement Ray Aug-'91
Masters Eytan, Osnat Theoretical Modeling of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy for Au Alloyed on Cu Lippel Aug-'91
Masters Kanal, Kalpana The Existence and Stability of Potassium Clusters. Ray Aug-'91
Masters Lee, Sang-Kwon Positron annihilation Study of Ethane Physisorbed on Grafoil. Sharma Aug-'91
Masters Ashley, Ross Non-Thesis Aug-'91
Doctoral Marroum, Renata Surface Electronic Structure of Pd Alloyed on Cu Kaiser May-'91
Doctoral Hira, Ajit Many Body Perturbation Theory Applied to Hydrogen Interaction with Lithium Clusters Ray Dec-'90
Doctoral Mehl, David Investigation of the Surface Sensitivity of Positron-Annihilation-Induced Auger-Electron Spectroscopy Weiss Aug-'90
Doctoral Larson, Don Optical Probing Investigations Using Novel Reference Grating Black May-'90
Masters Dark, Charles Desposition and Characterization of Diamond Films. Sharma May-'90
Masters Lee, Keun-Ho The Relative Intensity of Positron Annihilation-Induced Auger Electron Emission From Fe, Cu, Pd, and Au Weiss May-'90

Degree Name Thesis Advisor Date
Doctoral Zhao, Yuzhi Magnetic Susceptibility of Vanadiu, Chromium, Manganese and Molybedenum: Magnetism in Cr, Cr Alloys and Mn. Fry May-'87
Masters Kugler, Ann Surface Effects in the Kronig-Penney Model Fry Dec-'79