Week of Lab Supplemental
Jan 21 NO lab
Download the syllabus and bring it to the lab
Also, print the supplemental material for each of the Labs on their consecutive dates.

Jan 28 Unit 1-Electric Fields Electric Fields
Feb 4 Unit 2- Ohm's Law Ohms Law
Feb 11 Unit 3- Charge, Current and Capacitance Charge & Capacitance
Feb 18 Unit 4 - AC and DC voltages AC and DC
Feb 25 Unit 5 Magnetic Fields Magnetic Fields
Mar 4 Unit 6 - Reflection and Refraction Reflection and Refraction
Mar 11 Spring Break :-)
March 18 Unit 7 - Lenses lenses
March 25 Unit 8 Atomic Spectra
April 1 Unit 9 - Diffraction and Interference Atomic Spectra
April 8 Labs Completed
One lowest grade lab will be dropped