Optics - Lab Syllabus

  2019 Spring Semester
  Jan 16-26: Students registered for this course must complete all required lab safety training prior to entering the lab and undertaking any activities. Once notified, complete the required module(s) no later than the first lab meeting. Until all required Lab Safety Training is completed, a student will not be given access to lab facilities, and will not be able to participate in any lab activities, and will earn a grade of zero for any uncompleted work. Once completed, Lab Safety Training is valid for the remainder of the same academic year (i.e., through the following August) and must be completed anew in subsequent years. There are no exceptions to this University policy. Failure to complete the required training will preclude participation in any lab activities, including those for which a grade is assigned. Questions regarding the online Lab Safety Training should be directed to the University Compliance Services training help line, 8170-272-2080 or to compliance@uta.edu.

Go to www.uta.edu/training, log in using your NetID and Password. In the "My Training" tab will be list of trainings you need to complete. Please complete all these trainings.

  Although a hard copy of lab manual for each week is suggested, you are welcome to use your laptop or tablet to go through the manual.
  Please print the Primer page 34-44 and bring it to every lab. This will prove very handy.

Lab Report Outline

Lab Experiment Download link
Supplemental Materials Optics Primer.

Page 3-34 contains theory and formulas required for experiment.

Page 34-44 talks about building different assemblies.

Primer 3-8.pdf

Optics Primer 9-14.PDF

Optics Primer 15-20

Primer 21-26

Optics Primer 27-32

Primer 33-38

Primer 39-44

Jan 28 LAB 1- Laws of Geometrical Optics Project 1
Feb 4 LAB 2- Thin Lens Equation Project2
Feb 11 LAB 3- Expanding Laser Beams.

This lab is very important. You will be building this assembly again and again throughout the semester.

Feb 18 LAB 4- Diffraction from Circular Aperture Project4
Feb 25 LAB 5- Single Slit and Double Slit Diffraction Project5
Mar 4 LAB 6- Michelson Interferometer Project6
Mar 11 Sprink Break :-)
Mar 18 LAB 7- Laser and Coherence Project7
Mar 25 LAB 8- Polarization of Light Project8
Apr 1 LAB 9- Abbe theory of Imaging Project9
Apr 8 End of Labs. Out of 9 labs, 1 lowest grade lab will be dropped.

  Lab Reports are due the next week for all labs. Lab report submitted after a week of due date will only be worth 80% of that report grade. Any lab report submitted later than that will get a grade of zero.