University Policies & Procedures

This web site provides access to the official versions of university policies, procedures, forms, and exhibits.

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Authority & Definitions

Authority to Publish University Policies and Procedures

Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 20201, titled Presidents, authorizes the President to develop and administer policies for the institution. The University of Texas at Arlington policies and procedures are reviewed and approved by the President and/or appropriate vice presidents.

University Policies

University policies state the University's intent to support all University of Texas System Regents' Rules and Regulations, University of Texas System policies and all related federal and state laws, rules, and regulations as they apply to The University of Texas at Arlington. University policies are located in the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP). These policies may be mandated by UT System or authored by one department but applicable to others. They do not provide procedural instructions or individual departmental policies.

University Procedures

University procedures describe how The University of Texas at Arlington and UT System policies, applicable federal and state laws, and rules and regulations applicable to the University are implemented.

University procedures include procedures found in the Procedures Index.

University Forms and Exhibits

University forms support approved university procedures by transferring, collecting, and distributing process-oriented information.

Exhibits are provided by authoring departments and may include forms external to UT Arlington, memos, powerpoint presentations, or detailed descriptive information supplementing university procedures and forms. Forms and exhibits can be found at the website for Forms/Exhibits Index.