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Index Title
1-1 Departmental Payroll Voucher
1-2 Check Distribution
1-5A Monthly Employee Time Record
1-5B Hourly Employee Time Record
1-5C Weekly Employee Time Record
1-5D Weekly Exempt Time Record
1-6 Departmental Vacation/Holiday Payroll Voucher
1-7 Salary Spread Request
1-8A Authorization for Professional Services
1-8B Authorization for Professional Services (Less than $600)
1-8C Statement for Foreign National Honoraria Recipients
1-9 Payee Information Form
1-17 International Employees Only 
Request for GLACIER Password
1-18 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification for Prizes, Awards, and Research Participants
1-19 W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
1-23 Employee Change of Address
2-1 Request for New Cost Center
2-2 Custodian and Working Fund Authorization
2-5 Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification
2-5B Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification for
2-6 Payment Approval Voucher
2-7 Departmental Deposit
2-8 Restrictive Payee Stamp
2-9 Restrictive Endorsement Stamp
2-10 Daily Check Log
2-11 Cash Receipt
2-12 Cost Center and Project Statements Reconciliation & Acknowledgement
2-13 Direct Deposit Form
2-26 Justification and Pro Forma Budget
2-27 Initial Recharge Rate Request
2-45 Inventory Transaction Form
2-47 Removal of Equipment from University Campus
2-48 Work Request Form
2-49 Asset Information Form
2-50 Document Destruction Request Form
2-53 Lost or Missing University Inventory Report Form
2-60 Application for Nurse Faculty Exemption
2-61 Application for Preceptor Exemption
2-62 Nurse Faculty Loan Form
2-63 Perkins Loan Repayment Form
2-65 Application for Tuition Exemption per TEC 54.208 Peace Officer Enrolled in Criminal Justice Course/s
2-67 Waiver Appeal
2-95 Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate
2-96 Non-Overnight Mileage Detailed Report
2-98 Official Occasion Expense Form
2-100 Travel/Non-Travel Expense Cover Sheet
2-104 Non Employee Expense Reimbursement
2-106 Travel Authorization Form
3-3 Personnel Action Form
3-5 Record of FLSA (Overtime) Compensation Time Earned and Taken
3-7 Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
3-8 Notice of Voluntary Service
3-9 Criminal Background Check
3-16 Employee Clearance
3-18 Sick Leave Pool Application
3-19 Conflict of interest, Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities
3-23 Request for Family and Medical Leave
3-24 Return to Work Release
3-26 High School Student - Position Information and Application
3-28 Employee Insurance Enrollment Application
3-30 Benefits Cost Worksheet
3-33 Coverage for Incapacitated Child Form
3-34 Medco Pharmacy Home Delivery Order Form (UT Select)
3-35 Medco Prescription Drug Claim Form (UT Select)
3-36 Transitional Benefits Form
3-37 UT Select Dental Claim Form
3-38 Superior Vision Provider Nomination
3-39 UT FLEX Claim Form
3-40 UT FLEX Direct Deposit Form
3-41 UT FLEX Letter of Medical Necessity
3-42 Fort Dearborn Term Life Beneficiary Designation
3-44 Notice of Creditable Coverage for Medicare Part D
3-45 TRS Form 6 (Notice of Final Deposit and Request for Refund)
3-46 TRS Form 18 (Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits)
3-47 Transfer Verification Form
3-48 TRS Form 28 (Notice to Elect to Participate in Optional Retirement Program)
3-50 Authorization for Reduction for Employee Contributions
3-51 Authorization for Reduction for Employee Contributions for Employees returning to ORP
3-52 ORP Acknowledgement Form
3-53 Optional Retirement Program (ORP) Retirement Certification Form
3-54 Tax-Sheltered Annuity Disclosure
3-55 Purchase Change Agreement
3-56 Special Catch-Up Provision Disclosure
3-57 Short Term Disability Highlights
3-58 Long Term Care Brochure
3-59 Continuation Coverage Notice
3-60 HIPAA Privacy Information
3-61 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits Guide
3-62 DeltaCare Benefits Guide
3-63 UT System Group Benefit Handbook for Employees
3-64 Group Term Life Benefits Guide
3-66 Long Term Disability Benefits Guide
3-67 Short Term Disability Benefits Guide
3-68 Superior Vision Benefits Guide
3-69 Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Handbook
3-71 UT Select Benefits Guide
3-72 UT Select Dental Benefits Guide
3-73 UT System Group Benefits Handbook for Retirees
3-74 UT System Retirement Programs Guide
3-75 Exit Interview Questionnaire
3-76 Quest Release Time Form
3-79 Employee Self-Evaluation
3-80 Employee Evaluation: Administrative and Professional/Manager
3-81 Employee Evaluation: Staff
3-82 Performance Management Forms
3-84 Sample Reference Check Form
3-85 On-Campus Summer Camp / Conference Employment Application
3-86 Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement
3-87 Telecommuting Agreement
3-100 Salary Spread Request
3-201 Personal Information Form
3-202 State Employment Verification Form
3-203 Selective Service Registration Verification Form
3-204 Sick Leave Pool Contribution Form
3-205 Financial Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest
3-206 Outstanding Maverick Award Nomination Form
3-207 Hiring Review Committee Form (HRC)
3-208 Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program Request Form
3-210 Job Description
4-4 Purchasing Card Carry Over Transaction Log and Example
4-5 Purchasing Card Transaction Log and Example
4-8 New Cardholder Account Form
4-10 Vendor Performance Form
4-11 Cardholder Agreement
4-16 Gift Certificate Expense Form
4-19 eShipGlobal Access Request Form
4-20 Vendor Direct Deposit / Advance Payment Notification Authorization
4-21 Vendor Supplier Information
4-21B Vendor Supplier Information Instructions
4-22 University Issued Cell Phone Request Form
4-23 Cell Phone Acceptance Form
4-24 Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form
4-26 Request For Proposal (RFP) / Request For Qualifications (RFQ) Initiation
4-28 Procurement Services Purchase Order (PO) Change Request
5-4 Vehicle Request Form
5-5 Operation of UTA 15-Passenger Vans
5-20 Proposal Request Form
6-1 GTA Parking Permit Decal Permission
6-3 Key Request
6-4 Lost or Missing University Inventory Report Form
6-5 Lost Property Report Form
7-1 Request to Host a Camp/Conference
7-3 Summer Conference Housing Reservation Request
7-4 Summer Conference Dining Request
7-6 Health Services Summer Camp Fee IDT
7-8 Advance Planning (Cosmic) Calendar Reservation Request
7-9 Department Event Request
7-11 Event Change/Cancellation
7-12 External Reservation Form
7-13 Department Event Request Form
8-2 Supervisor's Report of Employee Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease
8-6 Employee's Report of Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease
8-9 Notification of Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease
8-10A Injured Employee Workers Compensation Guidelines (English)
8-10B Injured Employee Workers Compensation Guidelines (Spanish)
8-10C Injured Employee Workers Compensation Guidelines (Vietnamese)
8-11 Supervisors Workers' Compensation Guidelines
8-13 Ergonomic Evaluation Request
8-14 Workers’ Compensation Pharmacy Information
8-20A Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement (English)
8-20B Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement (Spanish)
8-20C Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement (Vietnamese)
8-21A Notice of Network Requirements for UT System (English)
8-21B Notice of Network Requirements for UT System (Spanish)
8-21C Notice of Network Requirements for UT System (Vietnamese)
8-29 Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver
8-30 Human Pathogen Registration (HPR)
8-31 Human Pathogen Registration Update (HPRU)
8-32 Verification of Training for Work with Vaccinia Virus and Other Orthopoxviruses
8-33 Autoclave Waste Treatment Log
8-34 Hepatitis B Vaccination/Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver/Exemption
8-55 Request for Review of Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
8-62 Charcoal and Propane Grill Permit
8-63 Tent Permit Request Form
8-64 Exchange of Lockout/Tagout Program
8-65 Energy Control Procedures
8-66 Lockout/Tagout Authorized Employee Form
8-70 First Aid Kit Request Form
8-71 IAQ Occupant Interview Form
8-72 Injury/Illness Reporting Form for Students & Visitors
8-73 Confined Spaces Entry Plan
8-74 Confined Spaces Inventory Form
8-77 Roof Access Request
8-81 Application to Use Radioactive Materials - sublicense
8-82 Request for Radiation Dosimeter Form
8-83 Request to Purchase Radioactive Materials Form
8-84A Radiation Safety Evaluation - Radioactive Materials
8-84B Radiation Safety Evaluation - Radiation-Producing Machines
8-84C Laser Safety Evaluation (Class 3b & 4 Lasers)
8-85 Pregnancy Declaration
8-86 Pregnancy Declaration Withdrawal
8-87 Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) Commissioning Checklist
8-88 Laser Registration Form
8-89 Radiation Producing Machine Registration (RPMR)
8-90 Consent for Minor in a Laboratory - Covered Activities
8-91 Authorization for Minors in Laboratories - Covered Activities
8-92 Laboratory Tour for Minors Notification Form
8-93 Consent for Minor in a Laboratory - Tours
8-94 Minors in Laboratories - Restriction Exception Request
8-102 CEMS Inventory Discrepancy
8-103 Chemical Donation Approval Request
8-104 Biological Indicator Test Results Log
8-105 Fire Pit Permit
8-106 Request for Chemical-Free Area Designation
9-1A Report of Medical History and Health Evaluation
9-2 Financial Policy
9-3 Authorization to Treat Minors
9-4 Consent for Treatment of a Minor Who Does Not Have Legal Power to Consent
9-5 Notice of Privacy Practices
9-7 Authorization for the Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information
9-8 Authorization for the Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information to Outside Entity
12-1 Guest Apartment Reservation Request
13-1 Faculty or Staff Organization Registration
13-4 Procedure Template
13-5 Forms and Exhibits Template
13-6 Records Disposition Log
13-7 Request for Authority to Dispose of Unscheduled University Records
13-8 Records Retention Schedule Departmental Records Amendment
13-9 Preliminary Summary Report of Tort Claims and Possible Tort Claims
13-10 Records Retention Recertification and Survey
14-1 Photographic Consent and Release Form
15-10 Alcoholic Beverage Request Form
15-13 Release and Indemnification Agreement for Minors
15-15 Release and Indemnification Agreement for Adult Students
15-16 Release and Indemnification Agreement for Adults
15-17 Food Waiver Request Application, University Center
15-18 Food Waiver Request Application, College Park Center
15-19 Event Application For Campus Departments and Organizations, College Park Center
15-20 Event Application For Outside Events
18-1 Computing Device Encryption Exception Request
18-2 Information Resource Vulnerability Risk Acceptance Form
18-4 Server Management Policy (HOP ADM 5-602) Exception Form
19-2 Emergency Computer Request Form
20-1 Gift Record Form
20-2 UT Arlington Payroll Deduction Gift Form
20-3 Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Scholarship for Students with Spinal Cord Injury
20-4 Deed of Gift
21-1 Request for Disbursement of Scholarship/Fellowship Award
21-2 Scholarship Committee Chair
22-1 Complaint Form
22-2 Request to Initiate H-1B
22-3 H-1 Foreign Employee Questionnaire
22-4 Departmental Request to Initiate Legal Permanent Resident
24-1 Handbook of Operating Procedures Policy Template Format Guidelines
25-1 Consent to Obtain Medical Treatment for Minor Child
26-1 Campus Program Employee Listing
27-1 Campus Event Planning Sheet (CEPS)
27-2 Posting Form
27-3 Student/Group Travel Form
27-4 Student Organization Alcohol Addendum
28-1 Public Information Request
28-2 Contract Routing
28-3 Policy Review Form