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8-26 Laboratory Safety Evaluation (Biological) EH&S - Biological 09/16/2013 PDF
8-29 Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver EH&S - Biological 11/04/2014 PDF
8-30 Human Pathogen Registration (HPR) EH&S - Biological 01/12/2015 PDF
8-31 Human Pathogen Registration Update (HPRU) EH&S - Biological 01/12/2015 PDF
8-32 Verification of Training for Work with Vaccinia Virus and Other Orthopoxviruses EH&S - Biological 02/03/2015 PDF
8-33 Autoclave Waste Treatment Log EH&S - Biological 12/05/2014 PDF
8-34 Hepatitis B Vaccination/Hepatitis B Vaccine Waiver/Exemption EH&S - Biological 09/16/2014 PDF
8-87 Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) Commissioning Checklist EH&S - Biological 01/06/2015 PDF
8-104 Biological Indicator Test Results Log EH&S - Biological 12/19/2014 PDF