Policy 1-100

  1. Title

    Policy 1-100 The University

  2. Policy

    1. Mission of the University. The University of Texas at Arlington is a comprehensive research, teaching, and public service institution whose mission is the advancement of knowledge and the pursuit of excellence. The University is committed to the promotion of lifelong learning through its academic and continuing education programs and to the formation of good citizenship through its community service learning programs. The diverse student body shares a wide range of cultural values and the University community fosters unity of purpose and cultivates mutual respect. As a university, we affirm our commitment to the following objectives:
      1. The University is committed to comprehensive programs of academic research. This research effort requires attracting and retaining scholars who promote a culture of intellectual curiosity, rigorous inquiry, and high academic standards among their fellow faculty and the students they teach.
      2. The University prepares students for full, productive lives and informed and active citizenship. To that end, we have developed undergraduate and graduate curricula and classroom practices that engage students actively in the learning process. Outside the classroom a wide range of student organizations and activities contribute to the learning environment. Our service learning program offers students the opportunity to supplement their academic study with internships in a variety of community settings, testing their skills and aptitudes and challenging their values. State-of-the-art teaching technologies, distance education, and off-site instruction afford access to off-campus as well as traditional students. Non-degree certificate and continuing education programs offer practical, aesthetic, and intellectually stimulating opportunities for community learners, for individual courses or a sustained program of study.
      3. The mission of a university can be achieved only when its students, faculty, staff, and administrators value and promote free expression in an atmosphere of tolerance, responsibility, and trust. The University regards these attributes as prerequisites for any community of learners and vigilantly strives to maintain them.
      4. Mindful of its role as a resource to the community, locally, nationally, and internationally, the University continually seeks partnerships with public and private concerns in order to advance the economic, social, and cultural welfare of its constituencies. We serve the needs of the North Texas community by sponsoring public lectures and academic symposia, as well as artistic, musical, and dramatic productions.
    2. Government of the University
      1. In addition to applicable federal and state statutes and regulations, UT Arlington officers, faculty, staff, and students are subject to the Rules and Regulationsof the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System for the Government of The University of Texas System and the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures. The Office of the President of UT Arlington shall publish the Handbook of Operating Procedures at http://www.uta.edu/policy/hop. After an addition or amendment has been approved by the appropriate UT System Executive Vice Chancellor and General Counsel in accordance with the Regents' Rules and Regulations, the Policy Coordinator will notify the UT Arlington campus community as needed.
      2. The institution is also subject to the administrative polices and directives issued by appropriate officials of The University of Texas System administration.
      3. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has certain authority and responsibility for all institutions of higher education as specified by the laws of the State of Texas.
      4. All officers, faculty, staff and students are responsible for complying with applicable federal and state statutes and regulations, Regents' Rules and Regulations, policies of The University of Texas System, and the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures.
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  4. Relevant Federal and State Statutes and Other Applicable Regulations

    Texas Education Code, Section 51.352

    Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules, Section 5.24

    The University of Texas at Arlington Strategic Plan 2020

  5. Relevant UT System Policies, Procedures, and Forms

  6. Who Should Know

    The University campus

  7. UT Arlington Officer(s) Responsible for Policy

    Office of the President

  8. Dates Approved or Amended

    April 27th, 2016
  9. Contact Information

    All questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Policy Coordinator, Office of the President