Policy 10-200

  1. Section 10-201 General

    1. The Committee on Student Organizations is appointed by the President and shall be composed of three faculty members, three students, three staff members, and the Director of Student Governance and Organizations or delegate as an ex-officio member.

    2. A majority of the Committee constitutes a quorum. A majority of a quorum rules.

    3. The Committee is charged with the recommending policies for student organizations and reviewing applications for registration of all registered student organizations.

  2. Section 10-202 General Duties of the Committee

    1. The Committee shall recommend to the President, through the Vice President for Student Affairs, criteria and policies for registered student organizations in consonance with Regents' Rules and Regulations and this Handbook of Operating Procedures.

    2. The Committee shall establish one or more subcommittees composed of the Director of Student Governance and Organizations or delegate, one staff member, one student and one faculty member.

    3. The Committee shall consider any application referred to it by a subcommittee.

    4. The Committee shall enforce the Regents' Rules and Regulations as well as University regulations concerning registered student organizations. Included in this responsibility is registration revocation for cause as specified in the Regents' Rules and Regulations and the Handbook of Operating Procedures, provided that due process has been afforded. Appeals from such actions shall be to the President through the Vice President for Student Affairs.

    5. The Committee shall liaise with the Advisory Committee on Student Affairs in order to ensure that policies are in harmony.

  3. Section 10-203 Review of Student Organizations

    If the Committee determines that a student organization is ineligible for registration, the Committee or a delegate shall notify the organization of each deficiency in writing. If the organization fails to remedy each deficiency on or before the 10th day after the date of the notice, or is not granted an extension by the Committee, the Committee shall hold a meeting on the status of the organization. After a meeting, the Committee may deny registration providing the applicant with a copy of a written statement for the reasons for refusal. The applicant may appeal to the Vice President of Student Affairs. See 10-302F.