Policy 10-300

  1. Section 10-301 Provisions for Student Organizations

    1. An organization in which membership is limited to students, faculty and staff may become a registered student organization by complying with the procedures set forth in this chapter, but it shall not suggest or imply that it is acting with authority or as an agency of the University.

    2. No student organization shall be registered that

      1. denies membership on any basis prohibited by applicable law, including but not limited to, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or veteran status. However,

        1. an organization created primarily for religious purposes may restrict the right to vote or hold office to persons who subscribe to the organization's statement of faith.

        2. single gender organizations may be permitted if they satisfy relevant legal requirements such as those in Title IX.

      2. conceals any of its purposes or practices from its members or from the University community.

      3. has any financial bar at the University.

  2. Section 10-302 Procedures for Registration

    1. Students who wish to organize a new group (or reactivate one that has ceased to exist or been declared inactive) shall first make application to the Office of Student Governance and Organizations, who will assist the group in preparing its application. The application process requires the group to secure an advisor from the faculty or staff, to submit a copy of its list of proposed officers and at least 10 members, hold open membership recruitment meetings, and to submit an organizational constitution.

    2. During the organizational period, activities will generally be limited to those necessary to organize and establish the group. The application material must be submitted to the Office of Student Governance and Organizations not later than 30 days after the date on which the application process was initiated unless waived by the Director of Student Governance and Organizations. The application will then be submitted for review by the Committee on Student Organizations.

    3. Concerning the use of off-campus recruiters and/or resource people:

      1. The University recognizes the need for some registered student organizations to be affiliated with regional or national organizations. This affiliation is encouraged based on the premise that the regional or national organization facilitates the development and concept of the local chapter.

      2. Individuals from affiliated regional or national organizations may function on campus only as resource people to the registered student organization. They may not actively recruit, control the activities of the group, or serve in any capacity other than that of liaison with the national organization. In the event the organization is in the process of applying for registered status, all such individuals must be identified to the Office of Student Governance and Organizations. The Director may limit the number of such individuals.

    4. All publicity released by the group during the organizational period must clearly specify that the organization is proposed.

    5. Registration is recommended by the Committee on Student Organizations to the President through the Vice President for Student Affairs.

    6. If the Committee refuses to register an organization, the applicant may appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The appeal document will include the application, the committee's reasons for denying registration and the applicant's appeal statement.

    7. The Vice President shall confine his/her review of the denial of registration to the application and supporting documents, and to the Committee's statement To the extent consistent with this chapter, the Vice President may

      1. affirm the Committee's decision;

      2. refer the matter back to the Committee for reconsideration; or

      3. register the organization.

  3. Section 10-303 Privileges and Limitations

    1. Registered student, faculty or staff organizations may not use the name of the University or abbreviations of its name.

    2. A registered student organization may not use the name of the University, its abbreviations, or the seal as a part of its name, or use the name or seal of the University on any sign, banner, or printed material, or in association with any activity of the organization.

    3. A registered student organization may not advertise or promote events or activities or other functions in a manner that suggests that they are sponsored by the University.

    4. A registered student organization has the privilege of using University Facilities for meetings and activities as permitted by the Regents' Rules and Regulations and the University policies and procedures.

    5. Provisions for the use of booths, submission of petitions, participation in demonstrations, distribution of handbills, preparation of posters, and other facets of student expression are set out in Chapter 4.

    6. Practices of registered student organizations must be in conformity with the Regents' Rules and Regulations and the rules, regulations, and policies of the University.

    7. Each registered student organization shall anticipate, provide for, and promptly meet its financial obligations.

    8. Changes in the purpose or the constitution of registered student organizations must be reported within ten days after adoption and approved by the Committee on Student Organizations. The Committee will review the changes to determine whether they are consistent with continued eligibility for registered student organization status. If not approved the changes must be repealed or registration will be subject to cancellation.