Policy 10-400

  1. Section 10-401 Eligibility for Membership

    Membership in registered student organizations shall be limited to students, faculty and staff.

  2. Section 10-402 Duties of Officers

    1. The president and other officers of a registered student organization must be students.

    2. The secretary, or other designated officer, shall ensure that the organization's information sheet is filed with the Office of Student Governance and Organizations within 10 days of the beginning of each long semester and that any changes in officers, advisor(s), or purposes shall be noted within 10 days after the change has been made.

    3. The treasurer, or other designated officer, is responsible for and shall maintain complete and accurate records of all financial transactions of the organization.

  3. Section 10-403 Meetings and Assemblies

    1. All activities of a registered student organization shall be orderly and shall not interfere with academic or administrative functions or activities of the University.

    2. Any registered student organization desiring to reserve space in University Facilities for a purpose permitted by the Regents' Rules and Regulations shall secure an application form from the Office of Student Governance and Organizations; return the form properly executed and obtain approval prior to the time of the proposed use. (Reference Chapter 4)

    3. Faculty and staff advisors of a registered student organization shall be notified by the student organization of all meetings and social functions and are encouraged to attend.

    4. Only registered student organization members, advisors, invited guests and University employees acting within the scope of their responsibilities may attend meetings of organizations.

    5. The registered student organization is responsible for the conduct of its members and guests at its meetings, social functions, and assemblies.

    6. Speakers from off campus may be invited as stipulated in Chapter 4.

  4. Section 10-404 Advisors

    The selection of the advisor(s) will be left to the student organization, provided those individuals selected are University faculty or staff members who support the aims of the organization.