Policy 11-1000

  1. Section 11-1001 Definition

    "Guest speaker" means a speaker or performer who is not a student, faculty member or staff member.

  2. Section 11-1002 Who May Present

    Registered student, faculty and staff organizations, and academic and administrative units, may present guest speakers on University property. In the case of registered student organizations, advance permission from the O.S.G.O. is required. Individuals may not present a guest speaker.

  3. Section 11-1003 Location and Form of Presentation

    1. A guest speaker may present a speech or performance, or lead a discussion, at a time announced in advance, in a fixed indoor location, or in a fixed outdoor location approved by the O.S.G.O. A guest speaker may distribute literature to persons who attend the speech, performance or discussion.

    2. A guest speaker may not

      1. accost potential listeners who have not chosen to attend the speech, performance or discussion; or

      2. distribute literature to persons who have not chosen to attend the speech, performance or discussion; or

      3. help staff a table or exhibit set up under Subchapter 11-600 or 11-700.

  4. Section 11-1004 Application

    1. A registered student organization that wishes to present a guest speaker shall apply to the O.S.G.O. on a form prescribed by the Director at least five class days before the scheduled event or any planned advertising for the event, whichever is earlier. The application shall be combined with an application under Section 12-202 to reserve the use of a University room or space for the event.

    2. The O.S.G.O. shall approve an application properly made under Subsection (A) unless it must be disapproved under the criteria in Section 12-203.

  5. Section 11-1005 Obligations of Presenting Organization

    A student, faculty or staff organization that presents a guest speaker must make clear that the organization, and not the University, invited the speaker and the views expressed by the speaker are his or her own and do not necessarily represent the views of the University, the University of Texas System, or any component institution. The organization must be present at the time of the event.