Policy 11-400

  1. Section 4-401 General Rule on Distribution of Literature

    1. Registered student, faculty and staff organizations, and academic and administrative units may sell or distribute literature on campus subject to the rules in this subchapter and to the general rules in Subchapters 4-200 and 4-300. Individual students, faculty members and staff members may distribute or display literature but may not sell it.

    2. "Literature" means any printed material, including any newspaper, magazine or other publication, and any leaflet, flyer or other informal matter that is produced in multiple copies for distribution to potential readers.

    3. Subject to the rules in this chapter and other applicable University rules, no advance permission in required to distribute literature.

    4. Any person shall identify himself or herself when requested by an institutional representative while on any property or in any building owned or controlled by the University. Refer to Section 5-301 for further guidance.

  2. Section 4-402 Not-for-Profit Literature Only

    1. Except as expressly authorized by the Regents' Rules and Regulations or by contract with the University, no person or organization may sell, distribute or display on campus any publication operated for profit. A registered student, faculty or staff organization may sell publications operated for profit as part of a fundraiser authorized by, and subject to, the limits of Section 4-205(B)(1).

    2. A publication is operated for profit if any part of the net earnings of the publication, or of its distribution, inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.

  3. Section 4-403 Limits on Advertising

    Literature distributed on campus may contain the following advertising:

    1. advertising for a registered student, faculty or staff organization, or an academic or administrative unit;

    2. advertising for an organization that is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;

    3. paid advertising in a publication primarily devoted to promoting the views of a not-for-profit organization or to other bona fide editorial content distinct from the paid advertising; and

    4. other advertising expressly authorized by the Regents' Rules and Regulations or by contract with the University.

    All other advertising in literature distributed on campus is prohibited.

  4. Section 4-404 Clean Up of Abandoned Literature

    Any person or organization distributing literature on campus shall pick up all copies dropped on the ground in the area where the literature was distributed.