Policy 11-500

  1. Section 11-501 General Rule on Signs

    1. "Sign" means any method of displaying a visual message to others, except that transferring possession of a copy of the message is distribution of literature and not a sign.

    2. Subject to the rules in this Subchapter and to the general rules in Subchapters 11-200 and 11-300, a University person or organization may display a sign by holding or carrying it, by displaying it at a table (see Subchapter 11-600) or by posting on a bulletin board or other designated location. Signs may not be posted in any other location.

    3. All signs that are to be posted on a bulletin board or other designated location that does not fall under Section 11-504 must be date-stamped by the O.S.G.O.

    4. All signs must comply with the Sign Implementation Policy, copies of which may be found on the O.S.G.O. web site and at the O.S.G.O.

  2. Section 11-502 Hand-Held Signs

    1. Students, faculty and staff may display a sign on campus by holding or carrying it by hand or otherwise attaching it to their person. No advance permission is required.

    2. Any person holding or carrying a sign shall exercise due care to avoid bumping, hitting or injuring any other person.

    3. Any person holding or carrying a sign at a speech, performance or other event shall exercise due care to avoid blocking the view of any other person observing the speech, performance or event. Depending on the venue, this may mean that signs may be displayed only around the perimeter of a room or an audience.

    4. A law enforcement officer or an usher or other University employee if authorized by officials responsible for managing the venue, may warn any person that his or her sign is being handled in violation of paragraphs (B) or (C). If the violation persists after a clear warning, the law enforcement officer, authorized usher or other authorized employee may appropriately respond to the violation; however, only a commissioned law enforcement officer may use any kind of force and then only in accord with applicable law and university policy and standard operating procedures.

  3. Section 11-503 Banners

    1. "Banner" means a sign hung from a structure or between two buildings, structures, or poles.

      1. The Director shall designate places where banners may be hung in outdoor locations not occupied or controlled by any other academic or administrative unit.

      2. Other academic and administrative units may designate one or more places where banners may be hung at either indoor or outdoor locations that the unit occupies or controls.

      1. Academic and administrative units and registered student, faculty and staff organizations may hang banners in locations designated under paragraph a. Individuals may not hang banners.

      2. Advance permission is required from the unit administering the location, and usually, advance reservations are required. Academic and administrative units advertising official University events or programs may be given priority. In locations administered by academic or administrative units other than the O.S.G.O., organizations affiliated with the unit administering the location may be given priority.

      1. In locations administered by the O.S.G.O., the banner rules are outlined in the Sign Implementation Policy found at the O.S.G.O.

      2. Other units administering a location for banners may limit the time each banner may hang. Any such time limit shall be applied without discrimination to all organizations, except that academic and administrative units may be given preference.

      3. The unit administering a banner location may require that the physical work of hanging the banners be performed only by employees of the University. Actual costs will be charged to the organization or unit making the request.

  4. Section 11-504 Signs in Other Designated Locations

    1. Signs in spaces occupied by academic or administrative units may be

      1. confined to bulletin boards or other designated locations;

      2. subjected to viewpoint-neutral rules limiting the size of signs, limiting how long they may be posted, requiring each sign to show the date it was posted and the name of the organization who posted it and similar rules designed to facilitate fair and equal opportunities to post signs;

      3. confined to official statements or business of the unit, or to certain subject matters of interest within the unit, or to signs posted by persons or organizations affiliated with the unit.

    2. Each academic or administrative unit shall post on or near each bulletin board or other designated location that it administers.

      1. either the rules applicable to that bulletin board or location or a particular office or web site where the rules applicable to that bulletin board or location may conveniently be found; and

      2. if a stamp or initials are required on signs before they are posted on that bulletin board or location, the name and office location of the person whose stamp or initials are required.

        This notice shall be posted in the upper left corner of each bulletin board or other designated location for posting signs, or conspicuously in another nearby location. If no such notice is posted, then the only applicable rules are those contained in Subchapter 11-200 and Sections 11-301 to 11-304.

    3. Within the scope of the subject matters permitted on a particular bulletin board or other designated location, no academic or administrative unit shall discriminate on the basis of the political, religious, philosophical, ideological or academic viewpoint expressed on a sign.

    4. This section does not apply to any enclosed bulletin board or display case that is accessible only to authorized personnel for official University business.