Policy 11-600

  1. Section 11-601 General Rule on Tables

    University persons or organizations may set up tables from which to display literature and disseminate information and opinions, subject to the rules in this Subchapter.

  2. Section 11-602 Locations

    1. Subject to the restrictions in paragraph (B) and subject to the rules on disruption of other functions and interference with vehicular or pedestrian traffic (see Section 4-301), University persons and organizations may set up tables in any designated outdoor location on the campus.

      1. Tables are prohibited on bridges, in parking lots, on streets and within 25 feet of building entrances.

      2. Tables may not be set up inside any library, classroom, laboratory, performance hall, stadium, dining facility, lounges or office, or in any hallway less than ten feet wide, without permission from the academic or administrative unit that controls the space or from the faculty member or staff member who controls the space at a particular time.

      3. An academic or administrative unit may further specify these rules by restricting tables to reasonable locations in spaces occupied by that unit. Academic and administrative units are encouraged to clearly state any such rules in writing and to publish those rules on a web site or on a flyer or pamphlet conveniently available at the chief administrative office of the unit.

    2. If any table is set up in a prohibited or disruptive location, any University employee pointing out the violation shall also point out other locations, as nearby as is reasonably possible, where the table is permitted.

  3. Section 11-603 Identification

    Each table must have a sign or literature that identifies the University person or organization sponsoring the table.

  4. Section 11-604 Clean Up Around Tables

    Any person or organization sponsoring a table shall remove litter from the area around the table at the end of each day.

  5. Section 11-605 Sources of Tables

    Persons and organizations may supply their own tables, contact the E. H. Hereford University Center Operations Office for table availability, or contact the Office of Facilities Management for table rentals.