Policy 11-700

  1. Section 11-701 General Rules on Exhibits

    1. "Exhibit" means an object or collection of related objects, designed to stand on the ground or on a raised surface, that is not a table and that is designed for temporary display and is not permanently attached to the ground. An A-frame sign is an exhibit.

    2. University units and organizations may erect exhibits subject to the rules in this subchapter and to the general rules in Subchapters 11-200 and 11-300. Advance permission is required from the O.S.G.O., except that an academic unit or administrative unit may authorize indoor exhibits in a space that it occupies and controls.

  2. Section 11-702 Criteria for Approval

    1. The Director shall authorize an exhibit described in a completed application under Section 11-701 unless the Director finds that use of the proposed space for the proposed exhibit must be disapproved under the criteria in Section 12-203.

    2. The Director shall specify the location of each exhibit to reduce the hazard to visually impaired pedestrians.

    3. The Director shall advise each applicant how to correct, if possible, any conditions that preclude approval of their application. Even if an applicant is entitled to have its application approved as submitted, the Director may give advice about other possible locations, or about modifications to the exhibit, that would avoid potential problems or make the proposed exhibit more workable.

  3. Section 11-703 Time Limits

    1. In locations administered by the O.S.G.O., each exhibit may be displayed for fourteen days.

    2. The exhibit must be removed at the end of each day and may be re-erected each morning. However, the O.S.G.O. may authorize overnight exhibits.

  4. Section 11-704 Clean Up Around Exhibits

    Any organization sponsoring an exhibit shall remove litter from the area around the exhibit at the end of each day.

  5. Section 11-705 Liability

    Any person or organization sponsoring an exhibit assumes full responsibility for the exhibit, including all injuries or hazards that may arise from the exhibit. The University shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to the exhibit (and any person or organization sponsoring the exhibit shall indemnify the University for any claims arising from the exhibit's presence on campus).