Policy 12-100

  1. Section 12-101 Purpose and Application

    1. The University permits the orderly use of rooms and spaces on its property, as provided in this chapter, to further the educational process. The University does not endorse any statement or activity that does not represent official University action.

    2. This chapter authorizes and regulates the reservation of University rooms and spaces; the identification of persons present on University property; and the use of alcoholic beverages on University property. Speech, assembly and expression by students, faculty and staff on University property is further protected and regulated in Chapter 11.

    3. No person or organization may use a University facility for any purpose other than in the course of the regular mission of the University or the University of Texas System unless authorized by the Regents' Rules and Regulations. Any authorized use must be conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Regents' Rules and Regulations, the approved rules and regulations of the University and applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

  2. Section 12-102 General Definitions Categories of Speakers and Users

    1. "Academic or administrative unit" means any office or department of the University.

    2. "Faculty member and staff member" includes any person who is employed by the University.

    3. "Registered student, faculty or staff organization" includes a registered student organization under Chapter 10, a faculty or staff organization under Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 40201, and student government association and any unit or subdivision thereof.

    4. "Registered student organization" includes a student organization registered under Chapter 10; the phrase also includes student government association and any subdivision thereof.

    5. "Student" means a person who is currently enrolled in residence at the University, or who is accepted for admission or readmission to the University, or who has been enrolled at the University in the immediately prior semester or summer session is eligible to continue enrollment in the semester or summer session that immediately follows, or who is attending an educational program sponsored by the University while that person is on campus.

  3. Section 12-103 Other General Definitions

    1. "Director" means the Director of the Office of Student Governance and Organizations (O.S.G.O.) or the Director's delegate or representative.

    2. "Room or space" includes any room or space, indoors or outdoors, owned or controlled by the University.

    3. "University" means The University of Texas at Arlington.

    4. "Weekday" means Monday through Friday except for official University holidays; "day" means a calendar day.

    5. "Advisor" means a member of the University faculty or full-time staff who advises the members of an organization.

    6. "Table" means booths, displays, furniture, enclosure or any other structure temporarily used for distribution of literature, or for displaying signs or posters or for raising funds or soliciting or for other similar activities.

    7. "University facility" means an auditorium, arena, dormitory, other building, room, public area or any other area on the campus.

    8. "University President" means the President of The University of Texas at Arlington.

    9. "Campus Events Information Sheet" means the form used by a registered student organization to schedule an activity on the UTA campus and is available at the O.S.G.O.

    10. "Student organization" means a student group holding a valid registration approved by the O.S.G.O.

    11. "O.S.G.O." means the Office of Student Governance and Organizations.