Policy 12-300

  1. Section 12-301 Identification

    1. Any person shall identify himself or herself when requested by an institutional representative while on any property or in any building owned or controlled by the University. A person should identify himself or herself by

      1. giving his or her name and complete address substantiated by a current driver's license, voter registration card or other official documentation; and

      2. stating truthfully whether he or she is a student or employee of the University.

    2. An "institutional representative" is any Regent, executive officer, administrative officer, attorney, peace officer, or security officer of the University.

    3. Any person who refuses to identify himself or herself in accordance with Subsection A may be convicted of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $200.

    4. Any student, faculty member or staff member who refuses to identify himself or herself in accordance with Subsection A is subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion from the University in the case of a student.

  2. Section 12-302 Use of Facilities for Weddings

    The University has designated the E. H. Hereford University Center and the Architecture Courtyard as the campus areas where weddings may occur:

    1. Requests for use of such space must be made at least fourteen days in advance.

    2. Use of such space for activities of the U. T. System or the University shall have priority over weddings.

    3. A charge for the use of such space will be made that at least recovers the actual cost.

    4. The user shall be required to provide for adequate insurance and to execute a Facilities Use Agreement, the form and content of which has been approved by U.T. System Administration's Office of General Counsel.

  3. Section 12-303 Publications Distribution Policy for Non-Contracted Vendors

    Except for recognized student, faculty and staff organizations and University sponsored or funded publications, distribution of publications by means of an unattended news rack or other similar device are limited to certain designated areas on campus. Publishers or distributors of publications must apply annually to the Office of Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations for the use of news rack space in the designated areas, with spaces being assigned on a first come first served basis. Publishers and/or Distributors must furnish and properly maintain the rack. No publication may have more than one rack in a designated area. Racks that are placed on campus without compliance to this rule may be subject to removal by the university.

  4. Section 12-304 Animals on Campus

    With the exception of certified support animals and animals involved in approved University activities, animals are not permitted in any University building. Animal(s) may be brought onto campus, other than in buildings, but should be appropriately restrained and/or contained. The owner shall be responsible for cleaning up after the animal.