Policy 12-400

  1. Section 12-401 Procedures for Appeal

    1. An organization aggrieved by a decision under this chapter is entitled to appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs by giving written notice to the Director on or before the fifth weekday after the day the decision is announced. The notice may be informal but shall contain the organization's name and mailing address, a concise description of the decision complained of, the organization's reasons for disagreeing with the decision and the date the decision was announced.

    2. When timely notice of appeal is received, the O.S.G.O. shall prepare and send to the Vice President for Student Affairs a copy of the written statement of the reason given for the Director's decision. The Vice President for Student Affairs shall provide the organization with an opportunity for a hearing and the organization shall be notified at least one weekday before the date of the hearing.

  2. Section 12-402 Further Review by Petition

    The O.S.G.O. or the organization may petition in writing through the Vice President for Student Affairs to the University President to review the decision being appealed. The University President may establish an ad hoc committee to review the appeal and make recommendations regarding it. The University President reviews appeals solely at his/her discretion.