Policy 13-1200

  1. Title

    Student Complaints and Appeals Policy

  2. Policy

    1. Student Complaint Policy Statement

      The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to ensuring that all student complaints are resolved promptly through a fair, clear and reliable process. The University is also committed to managing complaints at the departmental or unit level from where the complaint originates, if possible.

    2. Eligible Complaints

      A student who has a complaint regarding a university program or practice, issues related to university life including the delivery of academic and administrative services, or other aspect of the University may utilize the following process in seeking resolution of the concern. This policy is not applicable to complaints covered by other university policies or procedures, including unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, student misconduct, or grade grievances (see Sections IV and V).

    3. Complaint Process

      Students should first seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the faculty or staff member and his/her supervisor if necessary. If a resolution is not reached or there are compelling reasons why the student chooses not to resolve the matter informally, then the student can file a complaint with the unit head using the process set forth in the Student Complaint, Appeal and Concern Resolution Matrix. An appropriate employee will respond in writing to the student within 10 days of receipt of the complaint to provide an update. A final decision will be provided within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. If the student disagrees with the unit’s decision, the student can appeal in writing to the Dean of the School/College or the Vice President of the non-academic unit. The decision of the dean or vice president is final except as set forth in Section II.D.

    4. Appeal

      A student may only appeal the decision of the academic dean or vice president in the event there is evidence this policy and any implementing procedures were not followed or that the decision was made for reasons that are unlawful under the Constitution or laws of Texas or the United States. To appeal, the student must submit the Student Complaint Formal Appeal Form to the Dean of Students within sixty (60) calendar days from the decision by the academic dean/vice president. The Dean of Students will review the Form to determine whether there is evidence of differential treatment and/or procedural irregularities and issue a decision with any needed corrective action. The Dean of Students must respond to the appeal within 60 days of filing.

  3. Definitions

    Complaint: involves a problem or issue other than a disciplinary measure. Complaints may be academic or nonacademic and may only be considered if submitted in writing either via email or by letter.

    Differential Treatment: showing preference, difference or distinction in treatment. Examples include providing benefits such as extra time for course assignments to some students but not others in the class; excusing some students from attendance or other course requirements.

    Procedural Irregularities: relates to processes that were not followed according to published policies or procedures. Examples include adding an attendance requirement when one was not listed in the course syllabus. It may also include not following the complaint process within an academic or administrative unit as publicized on websites, the university catalog or other official publications.

  4. Relevant Federal and State Statutes and Accreditation Standards

    Commission on Colleges Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Comprehensive Standards and core Requirements


    U.S. Department of Education 34 CFR 600.9


    Applicable Program Accreditations


    Texas Education Code 61.031

  5. Relevant UT System and Institutional Policies, Procedures and Forms

  6. Who Should Know

    All university faculty, staff and students.
  7. UT Arlington Office(s) Responsible for Policy

    The Office of the Provost and the Vice President of Student Affairs
  8. Dates Approved or Amended

    August 9,2016
  9. Contact Information

    All questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.