Policy 13-300

  1. Section 13-301 Policy

    1. The University is not responsible for debts contracted by individual students or by a registered student organization.

    2. The University will not assume the role of a collection agency except to recover monies owed to the University.

    3. The failure of any registered student organization to meet its financial obligation to the University will subject the organization to disciplinary action.

    4. The University will not adjudicate disputes between students or registered student organizations and creditors over the existence or the amount of debts.

  2. Section 13-302 Collection Procedures

    The University may take the following action(s) if a student refuses to pay a debt owed to the University. Such actions may include but are not limited to

    1. suspension;

    2. bar from reenrollment;

    3. withholding of grades and official transcript;

    4. withholding of degree; or

    5. removal from University housing.