Policy 13-600

  1. Section 13-601 Criteria

    1. An activity or event organized and sponsored by the University. The activity or event meets this requirement if it is planned and funded by the University and approved by an authorized University administrator;

    2. The activity or event is more than twenty-five miles from the University;

    3. (i) Travel to the activity or event is funded and undertaken using a vehicle owned or leased by the University; or (ii) Attendance at the activity or event is required by a registered student organization in good standing and approved in accordance with this Policy. Note: All students will travel together unless an exception is authorized, in writing, by the director/department head or designated representative.

  2. Section 13-602 Registered Student Organization Travel

    A registered student organization that requires its members to travel more than 25 miles from the University to an activity or event covered by this Policy must obtain prior written approval for the proposed travel by an authorized University administrator.

  3. Section 13-603 Safety Rules

    1. All motor vehicle travel (Regents Rule 50601, Sec. 4)

      1. Seat Belts - Occupants of motor vehicles shall use seat belts or other approved safety restraint devices required by law or regulation at all times when the vehicle is in operation.

      2. Alcohol and Illegal Substance Prohibited - Occupants of motor vehicles shall not consume, possess or transport any alcoholic beverages or illegal substances.

      3. Passenger Capacity - The total number of passengers in any vehicle at any time it is in operation shall not exceed the manufacturer's recommended capacity or the number specified in applicable University policies, federal or state law or regulation, whichever is lower.

      4. License and Training - Each operator of a motor vehicle shall have a valid operator's license and be trained as required by law to drive the vehicle that will be used and will comply with applicable requirements of The University of Texas System Administration Policy UTS157, Automobile Insurance Coverage for Officers and Employees and General Requirements for the Use of Vehicles.

      5. Proof of Insurance, Inspection and Safety Devices - Each motor vehicle must have a current proof of liability insurance card and state inspection certification, be equipped with all safety devices or equipment required by federal or state law or regulation, and comply with all other applicable requirements of federal or state law or regulation.

      6. Legal Operation of Vehicles and Driving Schedule - Operators of motor vehicles shall comply with all laws, regulations and posted signs regarding speed and traffic control and shall not operate the vehicle for a continuous period that is longer than three hours without at least a fifteen-minute rest stop. There shall be no driving between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. without prior approval of the appropriate administrative official.

    2. Travel Using a Vehicle Owned by or Leased by the University

      1. Service and Maintenance - Each vehicle owned or leased by the University must be subject to scheduled periodic service and maintenance by qualified persons and comply with all applicable requirements of The University of Texas System Business Procedures Memoranda.

      2. Operators of Vehicles - All operators of vehicles owned or leased by the University shall be employees of the University and shall have a valid operator's license for the operation of the particular vehicle. In addition, the operator shall have a current Motor Vehicle Record on file with the designated University office and must be authorized to drive a University vehicle in accordance with the policies of the University.

    3. Travel Using Rented Vehicles Travel using rented vehicles shall comply with Section 13-603.A. and, when applicable, with the state contracts of rental cars and all applicable requirements of The University of Texas System Business Procedures Memoranda.

    4. Travel by Common Carrier The University will make a reasonable effort to assure that when a common carrier is used for travel covered by this Policy, such travel complies with this Policy and all applicable U. T. System and University regulations.

  4. Section 13-604 Process Prior to Travel, the Following Steps must be Completed:

    1. Submit the University authorization Student/Group Travel Form and the University Request for Travel Authorization Form, if applicable, to the appropriate administrator at least ten days prior to date of travel.

    2. Secure travel approval. Ensure that all regulations of the Student Travel Policy are followed.

    3. Have each trip participant complete a waiver of liability form and file those forms with the appropriate administrative office.

    4. File a copy of the Student/Group Travel Form and Student/Group Travel List with the University Police Dispatch Office in B12 Davis Hall.

    5. Forms may be accessed from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or the University website.