Policy 13-800

  1. Section 13-801 Purpose

    Student Publications and the student press are a valuable aid in establishing and maintaining an informed community in which free inquiry and responsible discussion are encouraged. They are a means of informing members of the campus community about news and information important to them, of bringing student concerns to the attention of administration, and of formulating student opinion and providing a public forum about issues on and off campus that are important to the community.

  2. Section 13-802 Statement of Editorial Responsibility

    Student journalists have the right to determine the content of student publications. This substantial editorial freedom requires a corresponding responsibility for student journalists to be governed by professional standards, avoiding illegal speech (such as libel) and pursuing accuracy, truth and fairness in the strongest possible way. University officials are not permitted to review content prior to distribution; nor may they remove editors or advisors because of disapproval of editorial decisions.

    Editors shall develop current editorial positions and determine news coverage based on reader interest and policies outlined in the Student Publications Handbook, this Subchapter and the Regents' Rules and Regulations. Standards for responsible journalism are based on professional guidelines with major emphasis on accuracy and fairness. The Student Publications Advisory Committee shall remove editors for good cause.

    The University assumes no liability for the content of any student publication. All student publications/media will include the statement that it is a student publication/student media and opinions expressed therein are not necessarily those of the administration, faculty, staff or student body of the university.

  3. Section 13-803 Official Student Publications

    Student publications and media come under the jurisdiction of the Student Publications Advisory Committee under the following conditions: 1) the publication/media receives funds from student fees as recommended by the student fee committee; 2) and the publication is written, edited and published by students with the assistance of the Office of Student Publications; 3) and the publication is not considered a "lab" publication, media or co-curricular activity in an academic department.

    Current publications that fall under the above definition include The Shorthorn a student newspaper with news pages that reflect the diverse information needs of the University community and editorial pages that provides students an opportunity to express their opinion.

  4. Section 13-804 Student Publications Committee Structure

    The Student Publications Advisory Committee is composed of members of the University community.

    1. The voting members include:

      1. one undergraduate student from each college and school;

      2. one faculty representative from each undergraduate college and school, one of whom shall be a member of the journalism faculty, and;

      3. one graduate student;

    2. The Director of Student Publications, a representative of the Vice President for Student Affairs, The Shorthorn editorial adviser and the current editor of The Shorthorn who serve as ex officio members.

    Qualifications for members methods of filling vacancies and responsibilities of the committee are outlined in the Student Publications Handbook.