Policy 2-200

Participation of Departmental Faculty in Departmental Affairs

  1. Section 2-201 Policy

    1. Departmental faculty shall advise their department chair (by individual consultation or through committees) concerning general departmental affairs. The department chair is not required to follow the advice, but is expected to receive and consider such advice before acting. Examples of affairs on which the faculty (or representatives of the faculty) should be consulted are:

      1. academic matters

        1. course offerings and degree requirements;

        2. course content and prerequisites;

        3. degree of departmental uniformity in textbooks, syllabi, teaching techniques, instructional procedures, grading policies, and testing policies.

      2. budgetary and personnel matters

        1. priorities for budget allocations, other than salaries of teaching personnel;

        2. recommending appointment of new faculty;

        3. an annual evaluation of individual faculty for guidance in recommending promotions, reappointments, nonrenewal of appointment, tenure, and salary changes.

    2. The department chair is expected to advise the dean of any serious disagreements between faculty consensus and his/her own recommendations or policies. Moreover, the departmental faculty, either individually or collectively, shall have the privilege of communicating such serious disagreements to the dean through memorandum or informal conference.

    3. The dean or director of each academic college or school, after consultation with the department chair, shall recommend to the President, through the Provost, the procedure by means of which faculty consultation shall be implemented in departments within the college or school.

  2. Dates Approved or Amended

    April 20, 2017