Policy 2-300

  1. Section 2-301 Budgetary Policy Committee

    The Budgetary Policy Committee shall consist of the President, the Provost, the Vice President for Business Affairs and Controller, and, the Vice President for Administration and Campus Operations. Within institutional authority, the committee shall develop budgetary guidelines to be followed in preparation of budget recommendations. The Committee shall also review budgetary recommendations of all institutional units.

  2. Section 2-302 The Executive Committee

    1. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President (chair), the Provost, the Vice Presidents and Deans.

    2. Members of the Executive Committee shall meet upon call of the President to discuss and make recommendations to the President on such matters as may be requested.

  3. Section 2-303 The Council of Academic Deans

    1. The Council of Academic Deans shall be composed of the President (chair), Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Deans.

    2. Members of the Council of Academic Deans will meet upon call of the chair to consider such matters as may be requested. Primary functions of the members of the Council of Academic Deans shall be to discuss and make recommendations on matters of inter-college coordination and uniformity in administering faculty and academic policies.

  4. Section 2-304 The Administrative Council

    1. The Administrative Council shall consist of: The President (chair); Provost; Vice Provosts; Associate Vice Provosts; Assistant Vice Provosts; Senior Vice Presidents; Vice Presidents; Executive Assistant to the President; Senior Associate Vice President/Dean of Students; Associate Vice Presidents; Assistant Vice Presidents; Assistant Vice President for Finance and Controller; Assistant Deans; Associate Controller/Accounting Services; Assistant Controller/Financial Services; Assistant Controller/Procurement Services; Chief of Staff, Student Health Services; Deans; Associate Deans; Executive Director of Development; Director of Academic Advising; Director of Admissions; Director of Alumni Association; Director of Athletics; Attorney for the Students; Director of Automation and Robotics Research Institute; Director of Biomedical Engineering; Director of Budgets and Financial Planning; Director of Business Policy; Manager, Printing and Mail Services; Director of Continuing Education; Director of Counseling and Career Development; Director of Environmental Health and Safety; Director of Educational Opportunity Center; Director of Financial Aid; Director of Graduate Recruitment; Director of Grants and Contract Services; Director of Governmental Relations; Director of Human Resources; Director of Information Resources; Director of Institutional Research and Planning; Director of Interdisciplinary Studies; Director of Internal Audit; Director of International Office; Director of Libraries; Director of Library Archives; Director of Linguistics; Director of Materials Science Engineering; Director of Multicultural Services; Director of Payroll Services; Director of Physical Plant; Director of Public Affairs; Director of Publications; Chief of University Police; Director of Recreational Sports; Registrar; Director of Special Events and Programs; Director of Student activities; Director of Student Governance/Organizations; Director of Student Publications; Director of Student Support Services; Director of Office/Students with Disabilities; Director of Telecommunications; Director of University Audio-Visual Services; Director of Upward Bound; Director of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action; Program Director, Theatre Arts; Program Director, Aerospace Engineering; the Chairs of all departments of instruction; and such other offices as may be appointed by the President.

    2. Members of the Administrative Council shall meet upon call of the President to give and receive advice concerning institutional policy and procedures.

  5. Section 2-305 Other Administrative Committees

    The President may appoint such other committees as he/she considers appropriate for the administration of the institution.