Policy 3-1100

Recreational Sports Facility Fee Student Advisory Committee

  1. Section 3-1101 Structure

    1. The Recreational Sports Facility Fee Student Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the President.

    2. The Committee shall be constituted as follows:

      1. Student Congress President,

      2. One member from the current Student Service Fee Advisory Committee,

      3. One currently enrolled international student,

      4. One currently enrolled graduate student, and

      5. The current vice presidents of three constituency councils.

    3. All of these shall be standing positions with the exception of the three constituency councils which will rotate to three different councils each year in order to ensure a broad base of representation.

    4. A chair shall be elected by the committee from the membership each year and shall be eligible for reelection as chair.

  2. Section 3-1102 Responsibilities

    1. Responsibilities

      1. The Committee will review the services and activities provided through the recreational sports fee sources.

      2. The Committee will make policy recommendations to the President in regard to the amount of the fee.