Policy 3-400

Committee on Rules and Elections

  1. Section 3-401 Structure

    1. The Committee on Rules and Elections is a standing committee of the University Faculty.

    2. The membership shall include one representative elected by the faculty of each college or school. Members must be eligible to vote in their respective faculties. The term of office shall be two years, beginning September 1. No member may serve more than three consecutive terms. In addition to the elected members, the President may appoint one or two members, whichever is required to make an odd number. The appointed member or members shall be members or associates of the faculty with vote. The committee members shall elect a chair.

  2. Section 3-402 Functions

    1. The functions of the committee are:

      1. to advise the President concerning jurisdiction of the several faculties and faculty organizations;

      2. to arrange, establish procedure for, compute the numbers of electoral positions, and certify results of faculty elections;

      3. to recommend to the President revision in the Handbook of Operating Procedures pertaining to faculties and faculty organizations as may be necessary to clarify responsibilities, procedures, and jurisdictions; and

      4. to perform other functions which may be assigned by the Handbook of Operating Procedures or requested by the faculty organizations or the President.