Policy 3-500

  1. Section 3-501 Structure

    1. The Undergraduate Assembly is the legislative body of the University Faculty in undergraduate academic affairs.

    2. The Provost shall preside. In the absence of the Provost, the Associate Provost shall preside and thereafter the academic deans in order of seniority of service as a dean.

    3. The Secretary of the Undergraduate Assembly shall be elected by the Assembly from the members or ex officio members of the Assembly and shall serve for two years. In his/her absence, the Provost shall appoint a substitute. The Secretary shall send all notices of meetings, prepare the agenda with the advice of the Provost, keep a record of attendance, keep a record of all transactions of the Assembly, prepare and distribute the minutes as directed, and prepare an annual report of the Assembly's activities for the attention of the faculty.

  2. Section 3-502 Notices of Meetings

    1. Notices of Meetings of the Undergraduate Assembly shall be announced by the Office of the Provost prior to the start of each academic year. Minutes of meetings shall be distributed so as to be available to all members and associates of the University Faculty.

    2. Meetings shall be open to all members and associates of the faculty, and by pre-arrangement they may be given the privilege of speaking to the Assembly.

    3. Only emergency meetings will be held during the summer term.

  3. Section 3-503 Student Participation on Undergraduate Assembly

    The President of Student Congress shall be a voting member of the Undergraduate Assembly. The Vice President of Student Congress serves as a non-voting member. Members of the Undergraduate Assembly shall determine the extent of student participation on their committees and privileges of appearing before the Assembly. No more than one student shall be given vote.

  4. Section 3-504 Procedure and Functions of the Undergraduate Assembly

    1. The Undergraduate Assembly shall be the agency of the faculty to recommend policy on undergraduate academic affairs in the following areas: approval of candidates for degrees, admission requirements, graduation requirements, standards for scholastic performance, approval of course offerings, approval of degree program offerings, general undergraduate educational policy, grading system, academic honors, library policy, teacher education certification, and faculty-student curricular relations. The Undergraduate Assembly has delegated approval of candidates for degrees to the Registrar. Each semester, the Registrar shall approve or disapprove candidates for all degrees and certify their graduation. Records listing all successful degree candidates and their commencement date shall be retained by the Office of the Registrar. The Undergraduate Assembly shall also be the agency for faculty recommendations on all undergraduate academic affairs and procedures except those specifically delegated to the Faculty Senate, the Committee on Rules and Elections, the Administrative Council, and the Advisory Committee on Student Life and Activities.

    2. The bylaws of the Undergraduate Assembly shall establish the committee structure and rules of procedure. They shall provide a procedure for any member or associate with vote to present proposals to and be heard by the Assembly. When action by members of the Assembly requires approval or other action by the Board of Regents, it shall be the responsibility of the Provost to forward the item to the President for presentation to the Board of Regents with his/her comments and recommendations.

  5. Section 3-505 Membership to the Undergraduate Assembly

    1. There shall be elected, by and from the faculty of each undergraduate college, three members, plus one additional member for each ten percent (or major fraction thereof) of the University Faculty appointed to that college; provided, however, that only full-time voting faculty members are to be counted for purposes of apportionment. Those units which offer undergraduate academic degrees, but which are outside of the undergraduate colleges, shall elect one member to the Undergraduate Assembly. Additional members shall be allocated such units on the same basis as undergraduate colleges. Ex officio members (with vote) shall be Provost and the academic dean of each undergraduate college, school, or equivalent academic unit of each undergraduate college, school, or equivalent academic unit of the University. Other ex officio members (without vote) may be appointed by the Provost. There shall also be one member from Student Congress with vote.

    2. The terms of the members of the Undergraduate Assembly begin on September 1 and the term of office shall be two years. No person may serve more than three consecutive terms. Members of the Committee on Rules and Elections shall reapportion the seats among the colleges and schools and establish electoral units by November 1 of each even-numbered year. The faculty of the college or schools shall be notified no later than April 1 each odd-numbered year.

  6. Section 3-506 Implementation of Undergraduate Assembly Decisions

    1. Within four weeks of any Assembly action, the Provost must either recommit to the Assembly for further consideration or, when the nature of the action requires, forward it to the President for transmission with his/her comments and recommendation to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for consideration and appropriate action. An action that has been reconsidered by the Assembly and returned to the Provost shall be transmitted to the Executive Vice Chancellor within four weeks after its receipt by the Provost.

    2. The Provost may also submit any action of the Assembly to the University Faculty for consideration. In such event, the provisions of paragraph A of this section shall not apply until the action of the University Faculty has been received by the Provost.