Policy 4-100

  1. Section 4-101 Dean of Graduate Studies

    1. The graduate program administrator shall be the Dean of Graduate Studies. After consultation with an appropriate faculty committee, the President shall, with approval of the Chancellor, appoint the Dean of Graduate Studies.

    2. The Dean of Graduate Studies reports to and is responsible to the Provost through whom he has access to the President. He/she has responsibility for:

      1. execution of all academic regulations and procedures pertinent to his office;

      2. certification of graduate students for graduation at commencement exercises;

      3. general administrative supervision of the Graduate School;

      4. appointment of graduate advisors with the concurrence of the appropriate department chairs;

      5. approval of nominations to full, special associate, and special membership on the Graduate Faculty and approval of graduate instructors;

      6. development of plans for the Graduate School, program evaluation, and improvement of graduate instruction;

      7. advising the President and Provost on decisions and policies regarding promotion to professorial ranks, budgets, and other matters affecting graduate students and the operation and development of graduate programs;

      8. recommendations on budgets and budget policies in his or her area of direct responsibility;

      9. maintenance of academic standards of the institution and those of appropriate accrediting bodies; and

      10. calling and conducting Graduate Faculty meetings.

  2. Section 4-102 Graduate Advisors

    1. After consulting the appropriate department chair(s) and the full members in the area, the Dean of Graduate Studies shall, with the concurrence of the appropriate department chair(s), appoint a graduate advisor for the department or program. The graduate advisor shall normally be a full member of the Graduate Faculty. In cases where the graduate advisor is not a full member of the Graduate Faculty, he will be and ex officio member of the area Committee on Graduate Studies. The graduate Advisor shall have responsibility for:

      1. representing the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Committee on Graduate Studies in all matters pertaining to the advising of graduate students taking major work in that academic area;

      2. registering each graduate student and acting on adds, drops, section changes, and special examinations;

      3. maintaining a record of each student's work for previous degrees and copies of registrations and grades;

      4. informing students and prospective students about graduate work and referring students in appropriate instances to other faculty members for advice;

      5. certifying to the Dean of Graduate Studies that degree candidates have met all departmental and program requirements; and

      6. acting as an assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies in all matters that may be assigned.