Policy 5-302

Continuing Education Fees Policy


  1. General
  1. General

    1. Pursuant to Texas Education Code Section 54.545, and, Regents' Rules and Regulations , Rule 40403, each participant (person) registered in an extension, correspondence or other self-supporting course at UT Arlington will be charged a reasonable fee set in an amount sufficient to recover the costs of providing the course. All proposed fees must be submitted to the Vice-President for Administration and Campus Operations for review and recommendation prior to submission to the President. All proposed fees or changes in previously approved fees must receive approval prior to assessment.

    2. The cost basis for a proposed fee should include all incremental costs of creating, marketing and delivering the course including salaries and applicable benefits for staff, faculty, teaching assistants, seminar speakers, tutors, graders and other instructional personnel; travel costs for both staff and instruction personnel; all facility charges including appropriate administrative overhead charges (i.e. institutional support, information technology support, central administration/office support); charges for provision, maintenance and necessary upgrades of required equipment and software used by course participants or required to support the course offering; charges for textbooks, materials and supplies if provided directly to participants; miscellaneous costs including postage, fax and telephone(s) expenses; and, for certain courses, the cost of supplemental seminars, events and activities required of participants.