Policy 5-303

  1. Title

    Policy 5-303 Use of University-Owned Vehicles

  2. Policy

    The following policy will govern the assignment and use of university-owned vehicles:

    1. Motor vehicles owned by the State of Texas and operated by The University of Texas at Arlington (UT Arlington) will be used solely for official business. Official business is defined as use that supports and provides a direct benefit to this institution. The University of Texas at Arlington accepts no liability when one of its vehicles is being used in violation of this policy.

    2. Vehicles will not be used for travel to and from personal residences, nor will they be used to transport the personal effects of staff or faculty members to and from the campus. If a university-owned vehicle is to be used outside the local area for official travel, an employee may be authorized by a department head to keep the vehicle at a residence the night before travel begins and the night of return. The UT Arlington Police Department will follow departmental procedures.

      Exception: During inclement weather, particularly relating to severe storms, snow, and ice conditions, the Office of Facilities Management (OFM) may deploy a limited number of vehicles, either four-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive, to transport staff workers who live within a reasonable distance from campus, and are unable to drive their own vehicles, for the purpose of performing services to re-open the campus. Authority for this decision rests with the Assistant Vice President of OFM, and OFM directors.

    3. The operators of university­-owned vehicles must hold, at their expense, an appropriate operator's license for the type of vehicle operated.

    4. Traffic violations/fines received by an operator are the operator's responsibility, and will not be paid by UT Arlington.
    5. Operators of university vehicles must be authorized by their supervisor to operate the vehicle.
    6. The responsibilities of the head of department/supervisor are to:
      1. Indicate to Human Resources when making requests for new employees, or existing employees moving to a new position, that the position will or could require driving university-owned vehicles.
      2. Ensure that all employees who are required to operate university­-owned vehicles are fully informed of their personal responsibility and liability for their negligent operation.
      3. Ensure that persons they assign to operate UT Arlington vehicles are legally licensed.
      4. Ensure that all employees who are required to operate university-­owned vehicles are on the department's authorized drivers list maintained by the UT Arlington Environmental Health & Safety Office.
      5. Ensure that UT Arlington Environmental Health & Safety is advised of necessary employee changes to the department's list of authorized drivers.
      6. Advise employees of what actions to take or to report vehicle problems to UT Arlington OFM

    7. The responsibilities of the driver of university-­owned vehicles are to:
      1. Obey all local, state and federal laws.
      2. Use reasonable care in operating and maintaining the vehicle.
      3. Have a valid driver's license.
      4. Secure and lock vehicle when it is unattended.
      5. Complete and return a daily vehicle report if using a 15-­passenger van.
      6. Report vehicle malfunctions or maintenance needs.
      7. Perform daily maintenance of the vehicle.
      8. Obtain receipts for all reimbursable purchases. Show the vehicle license plate number on the receipt with a description of the item(s), and cost of each.
      9. In the case of vehicle failure, notify your immediate supervisor who will advise you of actions to take or who will report the problem to the Facilities Management (817-­272­-2000).

    8. If involved in an accident while operating a UT Arlington vehicle, especially if off campus, take the following actions:
      1. Insure that injured persons receive medical attention.
      2. Warn other motorists of the accident site if possible.
      3. Notify local law enforcement agency(s), as appropriate.
      4. If there are any injuries, contact or request others to contact UT Arlington Police at (817) 272­-3381.
      5. Attempt to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses.
      6. Get the name, phone number, and address of the other party and the other party's insurance company and/or agent.
      7. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible after the accident regardless of the extent of damage.
      8. Fill out an accident form (normally in the vehicle glove compartment).
      9. Advise other parties that the State vehicle you are driving is insured and our adjusting company will contact them as appropriate. Their contact at UT Arlington is the Environmental Health and Safety Office (817) 272-­2185.
      10. Do not admit that the accident was your fault or that your actions may have contributed to the accident.
      11. Do not state that UT Arlington will pay for damages. Our insurance carrier will make that determination.

  3. Definitions


  4. Relevant Federal State Statutes

    Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 101.027

    Texas Government Code Section 612.002

  5. Relevant UT System and Institutional Policies, Procedures, and Forms

    UT Arlington Procedure 8-6 Driving Records/Training

    UT System Policy UTS157 Automobile Insurance Coverage for Officers and Employees and General Requirements for the Use of Vehicles

  6. Who Should Know

    All UT Arlington employees who wish to drive university-owned vehicles.

  7. UT Arlington Officer(s) Responsible for Policy

    Environmental Health and Safety Office.

  8. Dates Approved or Amended


  9. Contact Information

    All questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Environmental Health and Safety Office